Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Mother's/Anniversary/Movie Day

We celebrated a few things today as DH travels a lot and we can't always spend the actual days together.  So we started with Mother's Day and ended with our anniversary and threw in a family movie as well.  I recently told DH that I am just as happy if not more than when our life was more grand/fancy.  We used to sit on the patio of a fancy restaurant on the ocean and drink champagne and basically marvel at how fabulous life turned out.  I remember telling DH that sitting in the sun at that restaurant and traveling to glorious locations was the quintessential vision of what I dreamed about when I pictured my adult life.  I remember the glorious feeling and then we were sitting in lawn chairs watching LO swim in her pink pool a few weeks ago drinking some champagne on a Friday evening in our backyard and I looked at him and realized that I was even happier.

This is the best of times.  There is an expiration date on this time with your kids.  I am all in.  I used to go to a doctor who we labeled the candy lady as she was a little loose with the prescription pad and a little nutty.  But she also dispensed some wisdom with her crazy and she told me that she made a decision to include her kids in her life.  There was no travel or any big events without them.  We haven't had a babysitter since I stopped working and no date night since January and that generally freaks people out. I strongly support husband time but we have one easy going kid who spends most of her time telling us how much she loves us and that the three of us are a team.  This will not last forever and we are going to suck every last minute out of this time.

We celebrated Valentine's Day at 5:30 and our anniversary during happy hour but it is ok.  We did great things before her together and we will experience great things as a couple after her, but for now, we are all in on the team.

BTW, we saw the movie, Bears and I loved it.  I walked away liking the movie but have decided that I loved it.  It is really a great Mother's Day movie.  The best part (spoiler) is that it starts out with the male cub looking for a strong role model and then ends with the point that he was with a strong role model all along.  Mama bear.

Wow, if you have a girl you have to sign her up for ballet.
It is the funny, cutest thing ever

Cookie decorating at a friend's bakery