Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello, it's me! Thought I should catch y'all up on the haps.  In June we took a trip to western NY for some family time.  We visited Niagara Falls and celebrated Grammy's birthday.  Then went to Manhattan for a week to look for Eloise at the Plaza and see Aladdin on Broadway which LO loved. At the beginning of the two weeks, I was ready to fly to Paris and up for any kind of international travel.  We flew home business class and I was still vowing to NEVER travel with children again.  The trip was wonderful and so much FUN but so damn TIRING.  Sleep deprivation will bring a person down faster than anything.  Everyone should maybe come to us to visit. 

July, I started grad school and it was a whirlwind of activity and loads of stress but I got straight As for the first time EVER.  I am hoping to go into Fall semester shooting for Bs because it was crazy times.  July also brought a visit from family and LO starting Pre-K.

August, we visited Lake Tahoe and helped our cousin move into college at USC.  
This would be a good place for a picture of my cousin and LO at USC but I can't find it so maybe just imagine it??