Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trial Queen

If I had a nickname, it would be free trial queen.  Maybe it is my background in marketing or my upbringing but do I love a free trial something.  I saw someone post about being a Bzzagent and answering surveys to be a tester and I was all over that.  As long as its something that I would normally do or use, sign me up.  I'm not going to feed LO some Monsanto crap but send me some orthotics and I will gladly give you my opinion LOUDLY.  Everything you see on Facebook that is offered with a reduced rate for kids that is legit and interesting, I have done it.  Arts & Crafts! Kids Stuff! Yes! Yes! I have always cancelled after the first month as it doesn't seem worth it for the full price but tell me about the trial offer and we do it!

My latest one is Plated and I think the trial offer is a pretty rocking deal.  They send you two full dinners with EVERYTHING to prepare including spices, recipe cards and videos for $20.  I was expecting skimpy portions as I planned to make one of the meals for lunch and one for dinner or combine them but I made the Chinese chicken salad and we were stuffed.  We skipped dinner and I am going to make the short ribs tonight.  I think you could feed two adults and one child.  I also liked it as it pushed me to make something that I always felt intimidated to make as there is so many damn ingredients in Chinese chicken salad.  I'm excited to make the short ribs as it is a different recipe for something that I have made before.  That being said, I will probably cancel after the trial.  I like the idea of using the service as a tool to learn to cook a few new things but it feels a bit decadent.

My link is a referral link but I was not compensated for my opinion.