Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heard around here

The best thing I said all week: "Please don't put snacks in your underwear for later."

The best thing LO said this week: "If you get sick too, you could just crawl and take care of me." There was also, "you should try and dress more fancy," and "you need to control yourself." Another favorite had to be, "I am not living my life just to stay home."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love It

I believe that we might be emerging from the Great Sick of 2014.  I am not lying when I say that LO  had ALL of the following sickness in the last two weeks: STOMACH FLU, viral pinkeye, strep throat and THE FLU.  DH actually flew home from Boston cuz the wheels were coming off the bus in a bad, bad way.  First, I do not remember ever having the flu and from all of the media coverage, I thought that you caught the flu and then had to go to the hospital and you most likely DIED from it.  LO caught the flu and strep throat at the same time and acted exactly the same.  No lying around or anything, just a high temperature with a lot of pent up ANGRY energy.

So we emerged from the house today to take part in our annual Vday tradition.  We go on in the afternoon and see what restaurants have a reservation at 5pm and go for it.  No expectations, we try a new restaurant and it is casual and fabulous and I love it.   We go for restaurants that have no set menu or we go prior to the set menu and have a grand ol' time.  I am not a person who likes to partake in any New Year's Eve formal festivities but I do like to go out on Valentine's Day.  I don't care that it is a made up holiday, it is a great excuse to say something nice to your family.

LO and I ventured to her school for a little bit for the valentine exchange today as she had been working on her valentines for a month.  We made soap for all her friends and it was extremely adorable.  We came at group time and I was the only adult other than teachers there, so it was very different from drop off and pick up.  A conversation started regarding Anna versus Elsa from Frozen and all of the kids had a STRONG opinion.  I was sitting on the grass and they were practically screaming in my face about it.  I also got to see LO go "hang" with her friends on the play structure where there was a serious conversation going on with arms crossed and everything.  We only stayed for 30 minutes and then came home.  She was actually crying to GO to school as she has missed so much.  I reassured her that EVERYONE wanted her to go back to school.

We were supposed to head to Sactown this weekend but the Great Sick prevented us from leaving the county as no one wanted our business at their house.  In the middle of the great sick, I took a cool baking class and made this awesomeness.
We are also in discussions with LO's school to send her to Pre-K next year instead of another year of preschool.  It is all giving me BIG feelings but I agreed to the tour and coffee to discuss so we will see. We are also going on a tour of the neighborhood kindergarten which I can't EVEN discuss.  Thankfully, we have met tons of families with kids all going before LO so I have the dirt.

One of our neighbors saw DH walking down the street and pulled over and said, "Your wife is going to be the PTA prezzie, I hear." You have a little too much red wine and suddenly you are volunteering for everything.  Hopefully, I will be involved with grad school as my application is in at USC.  DH and one of my friends who went through the program were a titch peeved that I didn't ask them to edit my essay. DH volunteered a ton of people to write a fab essay for me.  Instead, I asked this fab lady to help and it was awesome. We have met once and I agree with a lot of her opinions on Twitter.  Wow, seems like I staked a lot on someone I vaguely know? Yep, that is how I roll.  I needed someone pretty removed from my life who can edit the shite out of crap.  She was gracious and extremely helpful.  That is the haps in the hood.