Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey, its me!! I didn't abandon my blog but judging by TinyPrints wanting me to delete my dedicated posts, they probably thought I did.  I've been a titch consumed with the ol' grad school application being due in less than a FREAKING week.  It was also my biiirrrttthhhday and there was a few minutes to pause and reflect on the old age monster creeping up.  I took LO to the dermatologist with me to get some stuff burned off and just the regular old skin check and she was super duper impressed. I had the dermatologist look at something on her hand and she went to school and showed all her teachers.  With the comment, "This is going to fall off but MY MOM had to get a bunch of hers burned off."

I MIGHT not have been so embarrassed had we not JUST returned from an awesome family weekend in Santa Barbara but let's lead with my mom's hand wart from weeks ago.  I would have even taken that I bought her a new outfit in duplicate so there is no crying but HAND WARTS always lead.  Also, I prefer nubbin.

I love this picture of us, we look so healthy and not lazy.  We visited the Goleta Monarch Butterfly Grove and it was a great hike.  LO and I jogged part of it and I felt my ankle with every pounding step but it felt like good pain.  I feel like I should take a pic of us with our iPads in bed to represent most Sunday mornings but that would be too real.

Santa Barbara also introduced an "Urban Wine Trail." Basically a bunch of places in downtown to drink wine.  We found a great spot on the wharf and sat outside while LO beaded and we enjoyed the view with some mediocre wine.  LO loves staying in a hotel and was sad to leave.  She didn't use a paci when we were in SB to fall asleep so I asked her if she was ready to give them to the babies and she said that she would do it TODAY.  I know that she doesn't need the paci and she uses it for 15 minutes a night when we are reading and when she goes to sleep but it took her awhile to know too.  We will see how it goes.
LO has also dedicated herself to a new superhero which is pretty huge given her commitment to Firestar and Spiderman.

She has also picked a theme for her birthday party which is Rapunzel, Frozen, Fluttershy and Superman.  For her gift, she wants a large rock to jump from and a swing set.

Some other random stuff this month included a visit to the Paley Center's Warner Brothers exhibit which was pretty fun.

A visit to the "spaghetti" at LACMA
and lots of crafts!