Monday, September 15, 2014

Did I mention

That we just finished tennis lessons?

We are currently trying out basketball.

We are also back at ballet and tap.
Yeah, it's crazy.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello, it's me! Thought I should catch y'all up on the haps.  In June we took a trip to western NY for some family time.  We visited Niagara Falls and celebrated Grammy's birthday.  Then went to Manhattan for a week to look for Eloise at the Plaza and see Aladdin on Broadway which LO loved. At the beginning of the two weeks, I was ready to fly to Paris and up for any kind of international travel.  We flew home business class and I was still vowing to NEVER travel with children again.  The trip was wonderful and so much FUN but so damn TIRING.  Sleep deprivation will bring a person down faster than anything.  Everyone should maybe come to us to visit. 

July, I started grad school and it was a whirlwind of activity and loads of stress but I got straight As for the first time EVER.  I am hoping to go into Fall semester shooting for Bs because it was crazy times.  July also brought a visit from family and LO starting Pre-K.

August, we visited Lake Tahoe and helped our cousin move into college at USC.  
This would be a good place for a picture of my cousin and LO at USC but I can't find it so maybe just imagine it??

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last Day of Preschool

First Day
Somebody hold me. SO big and off to Pre-K with all new teachers and a new location far from the frozen yogurt store.  She was genuinely sad today as she said bye to her teachers and friends.  Most of the kids are doing another year of preschool while a few of her classmates are moving to the Pre-K campus with her.  She is a little scared and I'm a little sad/scared as I could have kept her with her teacher and friends but we were urged that she was ready.  Obvs no one took my heart into consideration.  I cried a little on the inside when she told me she was so sad not to be joining her teacher but her best friend is going and it will be really great for her.  They have a pet bunny at Pre-K for lord's sake. Sigh.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trial Queen

If I had a nickname, it would be free trial queen.  Maybe it is my background in marketing or my upbringing but do I love a free trial something.  I saw someone post about being a Bzzagent and answering surveys to be a tester and I was all over that.  As long as its something that I would normally do or use, sign me up.  I'm not going to feed LO some Monsanto crap but send me some orthotics and I will gladly give you my opinion LOUDLY.  Everything you see on Facebook that is offered with a reduced rate for kids that is legit and interesting, I have done it.  Arts & Crafts! Kids Stuff! Yes! Yes! I have always cancelled after the first month as it doesn't seem worth it for the full price but tell me about the trial offer and we do it!

My latest one is Plated and I think the trial offer is a pretty rocking deal.  They send you two full dinners with EVERYTHING to prepare including spices, recipe cards and videos for $20.  I was expecting skimpy portions as I planned to make one of the meals for lunch and one for dinner or combine them but I made the Chinese chicken salad and we were stuffed.  We skipped dinner and I am going to make the short ribs tonight.  I think you could feed two adults and one child.  I also liked it as it pushed me to make something that I always felt intimidated to make as there is so many damn ingredients in Chinese chicken salad.  I'm excited to make the short ribs as it is a different recipe for something that I have made before.  That being said, I will probably cancel after the trial.  I like the idea of using the service as a tool to learn to cook a few new things but it feels a bit decadent.

My link is a referral link but I was not compensated for my opinion.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sactown & Back Down

LO and I took a little trip up to Sacramento this past week for a graduation and some general merriment.  LO is really a good traveller or just really addicted to the iPad.  I throw a snack at her every other hour and ask if she needs to pee every third hour and then not a peep.  I listen to music and we make the 400 mile trip in under six hours.  We used to stop for food but now we pack snacks and it is wayyyyy better.  I upgraded on the snacks and everyone is happy.

We came back for some end of the year merriment and the last of our ballet/tap classes for a bit.

We went on a "bike ride" today and LO is the most awesome slow motion bike rider in the world.  This video is not slow motion.  She also has the habit of screaming, "STEER" or "BRAKE" instead of doing the actual action.  It's pretty awesome.  She stops to ask about a dog that is a mile away that is actually a lady with a rolling bag.  It took us almost two hours to go to the grocery store less than a half mile away and back.  I think the fake Uggs and p.j.s just really complete the whole scene.

To make this post as convoluted and non-sensical as possible, I thought I should add that I like this shopping site, Golden Tote and their June sale is happening on Monday.  I don't really shop for clothes because four year olds don't care what you are wearing but this site makes me feel like I am getting some unique items that aren't pricey.  You choose one or two items and then they send you a bag with a few more items in the bag.  Their clothing line is sold at Anthropologie and they design one item per month that goes in the larger tote.  I tried it last month on the small tote and I am going whole hog this month on the large tote.  You can send the whole tote back if you don't like it or get on their FB trading site and people switch clothes.  You can also see how ordinary people are styling the clothes, too.

I'm not getting compensated to say I like their stuff but their I did post a referral link.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Mother's/Anniversary/Movie Day

We celebrated a few things today as DH travels a lot and we can't always spend the actual days together.  So we started with Mother's Day and ended with our anniversary and threw in a family movie as well.  I recently told DH that I am just as happy if not more than when our life was more grand/fancy.  We used to sit on the patio of a fancy restaurant on the ocean and drink champagne and basically marvel at how fabulous life turned out.  I remember telling DH that sitting in the sun at that restaurant and traveling to glorious locations was the quintessential vision of what I dreamed about when I pictured my adult life.  I remember the glorious feeling and then we were sitting in lawn chairs watching LO swim in her pink pool a few weeks ago drinking some champagne on a Friday evening in our backyard and I looked at him and realized that I was even happier.

This is the best of times.  There is an expiration date on this time with your kids.  I am all in.  I used to go to a doctor who we labeled the candy lady as she was a little loose with the prescription pad and a little nutty.  But she also dispensed some wisdom with her crazy and she told me that she made a decision to include her kids in her life.  There was no travel or any big events without them.  We haven't had a babysitter since I stopped working and no date night since January and that generally freaks people out. I strongly support husband time but we have one easy going kid who spends most of her time telling us how much she loves us and that the three of us are a team.  This will not last forever and we are going to suck every last minute out of this time.

We celebrated Valentine's Day at 5:30 and our anniversary during happy hour but it is ok.  We did great things before her together and we will experience great things as a couple after her, but for now, we are all in on the team.

BTW, we saw the movie, Bears and I loved it.  I walked away liking the movie but have decided that I loved it.  It is really a great Mother's Day movie.  The best part (spoiler) is that it starts out with the male cub looking for a strong role model and then ends with the point that he was with a strong role model all along.  Mama bear.

Wow, if you have a girl you have to sign her up for ballet.
It is the funny, cutest thing ever

Cookie decorating at a friend's bakery

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am a titch late with my fab four post.

This kid is so awesome! She thinks about everything and asks crazy questions about everything and then remembers EVERYTHING.  She loves her friends, family and school. She takes cooking classes and loves helping in the kitchen. I love her more every day because she is so damn FUNNY and kind and wonderful! She makes our lives better because she is in it. Happy birthday to my lovely, beautiful baby girl!

Fav color: Purple
Best friend: Izzy
Fav song: Team by Lorde
Food status: Vegetarian
Fav My Little Pony: Fluttershy
Fav princess: Rapunzel
Fav superhero: Superman
Future career: Movie star, purple dress designer or princess
Fav book: My Name is Not Isabella

Celebrating at home

Celebrating at school

Sunday, March 23, 2014

An Update of Sorts

I've thought a lot about how I would approach the blog with what happened.  I could ignore that it happened or I could go into gruesome details.  I couldn't decide so I decided against posting and I kept on trucking.  But my girl is turning 4 this week and I realized that I needed to post about it before I could truly talk about how amazing and lucky I feel.  A day after my last post, LO fell off the back of the couch and fractured her skull.  Skull fractures are somewhat common but what made it so hard was the fact that for a few hours, that felt like days, it was very bad.  They thought there was internal bleeding in her head and I couldn't react or cry and all I wanted to do was vomit.  I was sitting on the couch with her and she was climbing from the back of the couch into the pillows.  She wasn't standing on the edge or being crazy, it was just a horrid accident.  I have prided myself on not being a helicopter parent.  We used to let her jump on the bed in the middle or bounce around as long as she acted safe.

On a recent hike, we let her climb a fallen tree trunk and balance.  She is an anxious, careful kid so when she asks to do something, we know that she is feeling confident and safe.  I've had to become a very different, scared parent.  She is expected to make a full recovery if there isn't a second injury.  She has been amazing and she knows to ask what she can and can't do in a new situation.  But she is 3 and it is tough.  We went to our first birthday party today at a kid's gym.  It was hard.  I laid out the ground rules but throw in an evening party with lots of sugar and 30 kids and it was hard.  I had to be on her and she cried when I said zip lining was out of the question.  She is used to a different mom style and its a hard adjustment.

This recent article regarding giving our kids more freedom to make more physical mistakes makes me chuckle in a f**k you sort of way.  Its all such great theories in the abstract, but do you want to be the parent of the kid with burns all over their bodies.  I get the big picture but I am so sick of hearing the same crap.  We are the parents and our job is not fun and I seriously doubt that anyone wants to stand over their kid all the time.  Unfortunately, one small mistake is not worth being able to prove that you are hip and you let your kid set fires.  So, I am going to helicopter as I am not in the mood to go back to the PICU.

She is doing great physically and emotionally but it is a constant thing in our lives.  We do a lot of talking about what happened.  It was hard for her to understand at first why they had to to do so many tests, why there was an IV and why it hurt.  She likes hearing that other people have gone to the hospital and been ok.  I have a hard time talking about it so onto more sarcasm and debauchery.  But first a video if you are that sort of person.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heard around here

The best thing I said all week: "Please don't put snacks in your underwear for later."

The best thing LO said this week: "If you get sick too, you could just crawl and take care of me." There was also, "you should try and dress more fancy," and "you need to control yourself." Another favorite had to be, "I am not living my life just to stay home."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love It

I believe that we might be emerging from the Great Sick of 2014.  I am not lying when I say that LO  had ALL of the following sickness in the last two weeks: STOMACH FLU, viral pinkeye, strep throat and THE FLU.  DH actually flew home from Boston cuz the wheels were coming off the bus in a bad, bad way.  First, I do not remember ever having the flu and from all of the media coverage, I thought that you caught the flu and then had to go to the hospital and you most likely DIED from it.  LO caught the flu and strep throat at the same time and acted exactly the same.  No lying around or anything, just a high temperature with a lot of pent up ANGRY energy.

So we emerged from the house today to take part in our annual Vday tradition.  We go on in the afternoon and see what restaurants have a reservation at 5pm and go for it.  No expectations, we try a new restaurant and it is casual and fabulous and I love it.   We go for restaurants that have no set menu or we go prior to the set menu and have a grand ol' time.  I am not a person who likes to partake in any New Year's Eve formal festivities but I do like to go out on Valentine's Day.  I don't care that it is a made up holiday, it is a great excuse to say something nice to your family.

LO and I ventured to her school for a little bit for the valentine exchange today as she had been working on her valentines for a month.  We made soap for all her friends and it was extremely adorable.  We came at group time and I was the only adult other than teachers there, so it was very different from drop off and pick up.  A conversation started regarding Anna versus Elsa from Frozen and all of the kids had a STRONG opinion.  I was sitting on the grass and they were practically screaming in my face about it.  I also got to see LO go "hang" with her friends on the play structure where there was a serious conversation going on with arms crossed and everything.  We only stayed for 30 minutes and then came home.  She was actually crying to GO to school as she has missed so much.  I reassured her that EVERYONE wanted her to go back to school.

We were supposed to head to Sactown this weekend but the Great Sick prevented us from leaving the county as no one wanted our business at their house.  In the middle of the great sick, I took a cool baking class and made this awesomeness.
We are also in discussions with LO's school to send her to Pre-K next year instead of another year of preschool.  It is all giving me BIG feelings but I agreed to the tour and coffee to discuss so we will see. We are also going on a tour of the neighborhood kindergarten which I can't EVEN discuss.  Thankfully, we have met tons of families with kids all going before LO so I have the dirt.

One of our neighbors saw DH walking down the street and pulled over and said, "Your wife is going to be the PTA prezzie, I hear." You have a little too much red wine and suddenly you are volunteering for everything.  Hopefully, I will be involved with grad school as my application is in at USC.  DH and one of my friends who went through the program were a titch peeved that I didn't ask them to edit my essay. DH volunteered a ton of people to write a fab essay for me.  Instead, I asked this fab lady to help and it was awesome. We have met once and I agree with a lot of her opinions on Twitter.  Wow, seems like I staked a lot on someone I vaguely know? Yep, that is how I roll.  I needed someone pretty removed from my life who can edit the shite out of crap.  She was gracious and extremely helpful.  That is the haps in the hood.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey, its me!! I didn't abandon my blog but judging by TinyPrints wanting me to delete my dedicated posts, they probably thought I did.  I've been a titch consumed with the ol' grad school application being due in less than a FREAKING week.  It was also my biiirrrttthhhday and there was a few minutes to pause and reflect on the old age monster creeping up.  I took LO to the dermatologist with me to get some stuff burned off and just the regular old skin check and she was super duper impressed. I had the dermatologist look at something on her hand and she went to school and showed all her teachers.  With the comment, "This is going to fall off but MY MOM had to get a bunch of hers burned off."

I MIGHT not have been so embarrassed had we not JUST returned from an awesome family weekend in Santa Barbara but let's lead with my mom's hand wart from weeks ago.  I would have even taken that I bought her a new outfit in duplicate so there is no crying but HAND WARTS always lead.  Also, I prefer nubbin.

I love this picture of us, we look so healthy and not lazy.  We visited the Goleta Monarch Butterfly Grove and it was a great hike.  LO and I jogged part of it and I felt my ankle with every pounding step but it felt like good pain.  I feel like I should take a pic of us with our iPads in bed to represent most Sunday mornings but that would be too real.

Santa Barbara also introduced an "Urban Wine Trail." Basically a bunch of places in downtown to drink wine.  We found a great spot on the wharf and sat outside while LO beaded and we enjoyed the view with some mediocre wine.  LO loves staying in a hotel and was sad to leave.  She didn't use a paci when we were in SB to fall asleep so I asked her if she was ready to give them to the babies and she said that she would do it TODAY.  I know that she doesn't need the paci and she uses it for 15 minutes a night when we are reading and when she goes to sleep but it took her awhile to know too.  We will see how it goes.
LO has also dedicated herself to a new superhero which is pretty huge given her commitment to Firestar and Spiderman.

She has also picked a theme for her birthday party which is Rapunzel, Frozen, Fluttershy and Superman.  For her gift, she wants a large rock to jump from and a swing set.

Some other random stuff this month included a visit to the Paley Center's Warner Brothers exhibit which was pretty fun.

A visit to the "spaghetti" at LACMA
and lots of crafts!