Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flipping Your Fins

A friend once told me that her greatest hope for her son is for him to be "normal."  He wouldn't be teased, things wouldn't be too hard for him and that he could roll with it.  I didn't fully comprehend what she meant at the time but I understand what she meant now.  You want your kids to struggle but not too much.  Just enough so they have empathy and are generally not a jerk.  While my greatest hope for LO is to be a plumber and lead a relatively stress free life, I can't help but hope that she is just the right amount of eccentric.  So I was pleasantly surprised when a teacher sent me this video.  I like the way she uses the whole classroom for her song.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween was fun.  Do you remember how everyone used to write in your yearbook, "Have a great summer!" And it was such a generic thing to say??! Do people still write in yearbooks?! Anyway Halloween was fun but we are still recovering. We had 30ish people over for festivities and trick or treating. I say 30ish because I really have no clue.  We would open the door to give out candy and people would be here for the party.   I didn't know a few people that showed up but everyone was lovely and the kids had a blast.  We had a lot of trick or treaters which was great for LO to hand out candy after we all got back. She was topless so that added to the ambiance and classiness of the whole party.

 LO kept yelling, "More DOORS!" and then would ask to be carried between houses.  One little old lady handed her a piece of candy and she yelled really excitedly, "THIS LADY IS HANDING OUT MUSHY CANDY!!" There were lots of families and groups out and it made the whole experience a lot more fun.  Our big group split up a bit as herding that many kids to each door was a bit overwhelming and we lost a few as they passed their own houses but a few came back to stuff as much in their mouths as possible.  I kept encouraging LO to go hog wild and she ate three witch cookies and probably five pieces of candy over the course of the evening.  I was a bit nervous about letting her go crazy and it turned out to be not that crazy.  She tasted a few things and didn't like them and went on to the next.  The fifth piece of candy only had a tiny bite in it.

The switch fairy brought her princess Candyland and a mermaid stuffed doll and she was pretty excited.  There was one comment asking about her candy and that was it.  She had been sorting our Halloween candy and pretending to trick or treat for weeks so I think she was more bummed that the game was over than the actual loss of eating.  Telling her she could eat as much as she wanted on Halloween after dinner really helped with the wanting to eat it before Halloween, as the answer was always no BUT get excited because you can go crazy.  I reminded her a lot to eat up that night too.  I think the switch fairy was probably unnecessary and I will see if she brings it up next year.

I did some artsy food shots before the party and then totally failed to get a family shot.  Also, LO didn't wear her nightgown costume but some cheapo Rapunzel get-up that was hanging around.  Whatever...

Do your kids ever drop everything and
run at you when you get out the camera??
Camera=attack me in kid language

Yes, I am pissed that she picked me up to take a picture 

This is serious business and should be treated as such.

 The day after gab fest.