Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Orcas and Jitterbugs

Marketers are always looking to target the early adopters.  I have sat in countless meetings analyzing these mythical deities.  Everyone wants them but they are always just out of reach.  I am exactly what these marketers don't want.  I am the Jitterbug to their iPhone.  When Blackberry came out with a phone that could be used as a phone and for email, I was horrified.  I was the absolute last person in my ENTIRE company to get one and the ONLY reason I finally broke down was because my Blackberry broke and they refused to replace it with the old version.  I made the IT person call them to see about replacing it with a used one.  Yes, I live on the other side of the early adopter bell curve.  As people starting raving about this new fangled iPhone, I researched phones with no options.

Once I adopt or start down one road, it is hard for me to switch.  I feel like I invest time and energy into thinking about something and then I want to move on.  I don't want to go back, I want my Motorola flip phone to stay relevant.  This awesome personality trait really relates to everything and sometimes I shy away from new knowledge as I have to then go back and reanalyze.  For example, Seaworld.  Yes, great wholesome family fun place that rescues animals.  EXCEPT that they are kidnappers.  Stealing healthy baby animals from their families and killing some in the process is not rescuing.  EVEN separating families born in captivity is NOT family fun.

I put off watching Blackfish forevah, until it was haunting me. DH CRIED when they took the baby orca from its family.  The freaking whales CRIED when they stole their babies.  I can NEVER go to Seaworld again.  Like never, forever. I loved going as a kid and I was excited to share the experience with LO.  I sure hope that she had fun this time as I can never contribute another dollar to any organization that kidnaps and lies. Putting whales into captivity shortens their lives by half and ya know makes them SAD. I realize that the movie is dramatized and that they probably don't kidnap whales today as they have enough breeding to go around but we know so much more about animals and really they shouldn't be made to entertain us or kept in a super small space.  It really applies to all animals in captivity that are able to live in the wild.  We need to just entertain each other.

There is someone in the movie that says we will look back in 50 years and think of how barbaric we acted.  I don't want to wait 50 years, I am going to stop now and the best way that I know how is with my money.  I want to think that if I lived during slavery, I would have taken a step back and said, "Yo, this is crap, let's not do this."

So this is me saying, "Yo Seaparks, zoos and other nefarious institutions that steal babies and make them amuse us, this is CRAP."