Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays 2013

Lest you think we are all orca saving around here, we have been indulging in lots of frivolous holiday activities.  We hit up Vegas for Thanksgivukkah and it was a grand old time.  LO picked out some jewels cuz nothing says fancy like tiaras and medallions.  She was also excited to visit the Eiffel Tower and the candy factory where I was delighted when there was a problem and the candies started falling off the assembly line.

December was a blur of parties and cookie decorating and all of the usual holiday stuff.  We were so excited to celebrate our first holiday season in our new home.  We hosted lots of activities and even the big event at our house.  While I probably went overboard on everything, we had loads of fun and it was really special.  But is it okay to say that I am ready to move on?? Now I will picture bomb you.

Xmas Eve with the cousins at our house
Xmas morning
Xmas Day Brunch
Xmas night going big

We also went to lunch at the American Girl Cafe today.  LO brought her Rapunzel doll and didn't ask for an American Girl doll so I declared the lunch a success.

One of my favorite activities this month was the Winter Sing Along at LO's school.  It was freaking adorable!

Hope your holidays were fantabulous!