Monday, October 28, 2013

And A Fairy Was Born

Halloween is almost here and I am willing to bet money that my little scrumptious cupcake decides against wearing her new $30 nightgown/costume.  She was supposed to don her costume for an event this weekend and here she is waiting impatiently for me to open the car door.  I am not even sure what this ensemble entails.  Also, how can you be so indignant when you look so ridiculous adorable.

 We went to a festival at the local elementary school this weekend and I heard "Switch Witch" for the first time.  Who is the genius/crazy person who thought up that idea??? Take the candy and leave a toy?!

Yes, two different tutus on two different days.
I was trying to decide what to do with the candy as we have made it disappear in the past but I read that is the "untrue" way to deal with candy.  So I floated the idea of a Switch Fairy this morning on the way to school and I think its a go. LO would straight up throw a fit if she thought a witch was coming to her house.

I told LO that she could eat as much candy as she wanted after dinner on Halloween but then the Switch Fairy would pay a visit and leave a toy.  She seemed hesitant so I told her that the fairy was really tiny.  But then the questions started:

How does a tiny fairy carry a large toy?
Does she have large hands?
Does she use a tiny blanket?
Is it a pretend fairy?

I have never told her about any imaginary figures before and I kind of felt a titch incredulous that she was going to go for it.  I am going to be really pissed if I have to talk about the Switch Fairy for the next year.  Times like these make me wish the comment section worked so you can tell me if you have heard of the switch witch and if your kids are believers.  sigh.