Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bloggiety, blog, blog, blog

The neglect that has befallen this blog is so sad.  The crazy part is that I think about blogging daily and all the stuff that I want to blog about and then I look back and think that SURELY I already blogged about making butter at the state fair and alas, no blog post.  So a little catch-up, we shimmied up the state to stay with my oldest bestie.  We laughed, we sweated and no one went to the ER.  Winning, do people still say that or did I just date myself like the people who still say hella??

I feel like I need to keep shite really real for LO since we live in this crazy place.  So I took her for good ol' fashion 1000 degree fun where I grew up.  Nothing says fun like making butter among livestock and large people.

Or meeting some carnies on a ride.

Sweaty eating also scores big.

Petting some high grade sturgeon.  Caviar, biatches.

Tractor pic with a broken steering wheel.  "Just pretend for the g-d damn pic!"

I'm not sure how giant games relates to the state fair but it was inside.  And I secretly wanted one.

We came back home and it was back to the school routine which has been less than stellar.  Separation is hard for my worried little one.  We have been trying different things to make our mornings easier including setting out our amulet and underwear the night before.  I am a person that decides as I am walking out the door what to wear. Turns out that my daughter is like my mother and husband with the laying out of things.  She seems almost excited when she lays out her clothes.  

While a lot of people were telling me to do less school and maybe she wasn't ready, her school gently pushed for her to do MORE school as in the big time After Lunch Bunch which stays until 2.  She actually loves it and staying longer has made the whole day better.

Saying goodbye is still gut wrenchingly hard but she has decided that lipstick helps prepare her for the day and she can be strong if she puts enough lipstick on.  Unfortunately she favors red.

Our garden has been going strong.  I feel almost scared of it.  It is really nice to go out and grab veggies for dinner.  I have even taken zucchini to LO's school as we literally have sooooo much.  Note to self, dial down the zucchini next year.  

We attended a birthday party last weekend and I heard from two different families that their sons have a crush on LO which cracks me up.  LO has been struggling with school and I have seen her scream at friends because she is really upset about me leaving.  I have worried that maybe kids will be a little scared of her screaminess and not want to play.  I know that she sticks to girlie stuff at school which leads me to believe that these boys like a little crazy.  

Parks, great places to break into song.