Wednesday, July 24, 2013

School Take 27

School has been a bit hard as LO has been having a hard time saying goodbye EVERY day.  Hysterical, cling to me hard EVERY day.  Break my heart into a million pieces type of crying.  She likes school but she would prefer that I stay with her.  Some action shots:

We went to the circus with some friends who had a fancy box.  Circus, meh.  Box, awesome!

We have started swim lessons which are coolish.  LO loves being in the water but doesn't really pay attention to the teacher.  She thinks I have some sort of control over LO's listening abilities.  HA.

We also did some Color Me Mine action.  It was just as fun as I thought it would be.  Not much.

Hanging out the sunroof as we are big believers in safety.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Blog Neglect Alert

I think about the blog a lot but don't show it much love.  Ahh, we always abuse the things we love most.  We had almost four weeks for Summer break and I thought that we were not going to make it.  SO MUCH TIME LURKING.   I learned from Spring Break and scheduled way too much stuff.  A few highlights of the last month.  My oldest bestie came to stay and boys are no joke.  SO MUCH ENERGY and fire like sparkle caliente fire.  It was awesome and we did wayyyyy too much stuff but the kids played well together and no one sustained injuries! I actually cried when she left which is highly unusual due to my callous nature.  I immediately scheduled time to go stay with them this month.  There is something so refreshing about old friends, they really aren't going to change their opinion on you so there is no need to act anyway but totally yourself. AND they remember you when you wore shorty shorts and were skinny.

Such cuties

The next week we hit up the Lego exhibit at Forest lawn cemetery.  Meh.  I'm going to make the judgement call that anything at a cemetery is probably just ok.  We went to Travel Town to try and save the cemetery fail.  LO kept remarking on the quietness of the cemetery and lack of people.  We did bring a lunch in her new lunchbox with us which was quite the highlight.

Getting our small train travel on
We had some family fun at the LA Sanitation Truck Day.  This is the kind of activity that I love.  Once a year the Sanitation department has a big BBQ, invites the neighborhood to come and take a drive in the trucks and play recycling games for toy trash cans and other assorted awesomeness.  The truck drivers are there to help out and were all so friendly and excited to show the kids around.  My father was absolutely horrified.  The best part of the day was when we were waiting in line to take our drive and these parents made their kids get out of line and go home because they were misbehaving.  The kids started crying and EVERY single parent turned to their kid and said, "Look what happens when you don't listen." So cliche.

Keepin it real
We went strawberry and olallieberry picking with some friends that we haven't seen for awhile and got our jam on.  I handed LO the first berry and I am really unclear on what happened next but somehow it ended up looking like she had been shot the rest of the day.

We ended the vacation with a BBQ with friends from our new 'hood and a pinata and then on to the first day of school. The first day didn't go as great as one would hope but we are second day kind of people so I am thinking that tomorrow is going to be the big win!

Celebrating America's birthday
First day of school