Thursday, June 13, 2013

Overpriced Princess Love

I vacillate between two titles for the majority of my posts, Blah, Blah, Blah and Biatch Puhleeeeze.  Last week was one of those weeks when I want to take a large object and hit a tree or a large costumed mascot.  LO shattered my iPad, threw my sunglasses in a public toilet and wrote with pen on our table. I'm getting used to some new thyroid medication and she was going through something.  I was researching the Safe Surrender Program when I went in our garage missed the last step tried to avoid slamming my face into the washing machine and twisted my ankle in the horribly wrong direction before falling down.  I crawled to my phone and called DH before cursing everything.  Unfortunately, the whole Santa Monica College shooting had just gone down.  So terrible and scary.  This happened two blocks from LO's school and started when we usually go to school but it happened on a Friday and we don't currently attend on Fridays.

I figured the ER would be a mess so we hit up Urgent Care which was a disaster as well.  I am now sporting this awesomeness.

We had tix to Tom Petty the next evening
where some poor fools had to carry my ass up two flights
of stairs due to their lack of access for disabled folks.
They originally put a half cast on and did a wrap/sock thing and handed me some crutches and started to show DH how to help me take it on and off.  I kid you not, DH verbatim said, "Yeah, that's not going to happen, what else do you have?"

Thankfully, we had already hit up the end of the season Princess Breakfast at Disneyland.