Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lawns and Nature

Things have been crazy up in here.  We FINALLY finished the yard but we can't walk on it for two weeks.  LO saw the lawn area outside her room and we are on hour three of telling her she can't step on it.
We added some vegetable beds to the side yard so its about to get hippie up in here.  I'm counting on this lady to help me plant.  LO asked if quesadillas were vegetables so I think this is going to be a good experience for her.
School continues to be awesome and she is definitely ready to start five days a week all by herself! I am going to use the time to go to the dentist alone and workout.  And get a titch more organized.

We have been hitting up Disneyland as our super cheap pass doesn't work in the Summer and I doubt I will renew for another year now that she is a big school girl.

Although, she spends a good part of the day trying on dresses and looking in the mirror.  We could do that at home.

Another favorite activity these days is barista.  We are well hydrated in these parts with imaginary coffees.

Our sleeping arrangements continue to be close as ever.  I'm sure glad that I did all that sleep training!  She is a great sleeper just not always in her bed.
And the rare family picture not often seen in polite company.