Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm A Friend That Yells Too Much

With the renovations, furniture ordering and new yard, vacations have taken a back seat.  There is no place that I am dying to go at this point with a three year old so it's not that big of a deal.  I wouldn't turn down a Greek island visit or South of France sojourn with adults only but that is a whole other topic.  So when my aunt and cousin decided to tour colleges in So CA, we jumped on board.  It's never too early to start grilling college into a youngster's brain.  I remember mainly walking tours from my college tours but that may have been a decade or almost two ago.  We were three minutes into the first video which was to be followed by a lecture when I was ready to pull the rip cord.  We have not mastered the low talking on command function.  We are more of the leisurely hang on the lawn and peruse the bookstore type of tour peeps.

Keeping it real at UCSB. 
As a UCSB alum and connoisseur of college town food, I felt like a good tour guide for non-school related items like where to get the best breakfast burrito.

The next day we headed to San Diego to take a break from all the rough tours and go to Sea World.
I didn't figure out the flash for a lot of pics.
Don't judge me.
Both penguin and child attempting to escape.

I don't know if this kid is literally the least impressed person in the world or just a good suppressor of enthusiasm but she barely made a sound during the Shamu show and not from utter awe but apparent boredom.  She did seem to have an overall good time but just not in the usual gigantic whale jumping in the air but more of the ice cream and gift shop way.

Sometimes I see pictures of this kid and think she is getting to be soooo big.

Then I see others and realize she is still my little baby.
The last day we didn't even attempt to go near the campuses but attempted the usually ill-fated shoe shopping excursion for some tennis shoes.  One of us left happy.

LO has been taking my face in her hands and telling me that she is not going to leave me EVER and that we can go to college together.  I was really touched until she mentioned that "Georgie" (The Curious One) was going to tag along as well.  I have told her that she needs to get cracking on that whole school thing if the three of us are going to have a chance at a decent school in a desirable location. Insert Michael and George Michael Bluth scenario here.

We came back to some non-stop partying with birthdays and school picnics and neighborhood pool parties.  I love the face off our new neighborhood.  Multiple neighbors have brought over cookies, flowers, wine and gifts for LO.  AND a family moved in across the street with a two year old and they have a KICK-ASS pool.  We have been over twice for swim parties that involve good food and a pool that is 92 degrees.   We went to a party today with EIGHT families all with kids four and under that live within a two block radius.  It is so 1950s Cleaveresque and lovely and not the snobby stereotypical LA that makes my skin crawl.  I am ready to relax and enjoy the Summer and maybe yell a little less cuz life is grand.
Best friends