Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Me Blogging and Stuff

Nothing will get you back to blogging faster than a big ol' guilt trip.  "I was waiting for my toddler daughter at the hospital while she was under anesthesia and checked your blog for an update but found nothing." Well, geez. Life is grand for all intents and purposes.  My personal health is kind of a disaster but I seem to have found a decent endocrinologist who seems to be on it.  Maybe? I am having a lot of tests done that are unpleasant for the thyroid, adrenals and diabetes.  I feel a big WTF on the health stuff as I am young and healthy and no family history EXCEPT she believes that it is genetic and peeps died too young or didn't figure it out.  YEAH for me and LO, poor thing.  I don't want to pass on all this junk to her.  I also had to say that I wouldn't get pregnant while this is all going on.  Or maybe EVER.  I am not devastated but we were leaving up to the will of the world and now it feels so final.  No more little babies, sniff, sniff, NO MORE PREGNANCY, Yipppeee.  No more first steps and little teeny babies but NO MORE DIAPERS AND SPIT-UP, Yippppeee.  I am truly conflicted and not at all.  I see myself traveling abroad with one child and it seems so easy but I feel bad that LO won't have a sibling.  Just add it to the therapy list for the poor thing.

LO is getting SO BIG and so freaking funny.  She will casually walk into the living room without a stitch of clothing on and lean against the wall with her hand on her hip and say, "Whatchhhhhyyyyaaaa doin'?" She knows that it kills EVERY TIME.  She has been obsessed with Spiderman and His Amazing Friends.  Do you remember the show with Firestar and Iceman for the early 80s.  LO was using the iPad while I showered and started watching it and has been hooked.  I was slightly mortified at first but she loves it.  She refers to herself as Firestar pretty often.  We were having dinner at my grandfather's senior living place and one of the ladies asked her name so she said, "Firestar."  Then the lady referred to her as Fireside the entire night.  It was pretty hilarious.  LO was not amused by the mistake.

School has been amazing as everything just clicked and separating at school is not a big thing anymore.   I even have an hourish to run to the grocery store ALONE.  I am adjusting to the SAHM thang.  12-13 hours straight with your child is a bit rough at first as she doesn't nap and she crawls in our bed around 1am.  So we are together as in sharing a pillow for most of the night and all day but she is adorable and I couldn't imagine it any other way now.  I woke up this morning and she was completely naked and freezing cold telling me to scooch over in my own bed.  We put clothes on her but sometimes she is moved to take them off and then other times not.  It is really a toss up if she will be clothed or not at any time of day or night.

We are currently killing everything in our back and front yard so we can redo sprinklers and take out trees and replant and have a vegetable garden.  I am pretty excited but we can't really go outside for three weeks and we are on day three.  We have finally ordered some furniture and the house will look less bare pretty soon.  We will be grown-ups and stuff.

That is the haps over on this island.  I am going to blog more soonish totally.  I will, promise.