Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Really Good Teachers

LO's princess obsession has gone over the top.  Thankfully, she has really understanding teachers.

Monday, April 8, 2013

And How Are YOU Doing?

Does thinking of blog posts count as actual blogging? I started taking meds for Hashimoto's about six weeks ago and it has kind of wreaked havoc.  The pills interacted with another med that I was taking that I had to wean off and that was not fun.  Then I started having adverse reactions to the meds making me tired, unable to focus, neck pain, nauseous and horrid feeling.  AND unable to eat chocolate.  Weirdness as chocolate makes me gag and I reallllllly love chocolate.  The up side is better digestion, prettier hair and I have lost weight.  I go for some tests this week and then meet with the doctor so I am hoping that it will get better but in the mean time, I have FELT the guilt as LO has watched more TV and I felt like I didn't get to do everything for her birthday extravaganza that I wanted.  She was fine but I was upset.  Now her party in pics.

omg my party is so fun
I will be in here alone now that my friends are here
This pic made me realize why wearing maternity bras
three years later is a bad idea.

LO told me that she really had hoped for a
castle cake when I made the princess cake.  She wasn't
impressed with this cake either btw.

Now me and some of my friends will try and eat the bubbles
She also scored some more gifts.

And this video never gets old to me.

Just cuz we are sharing, a few other things that we have been doing.  We went to the Huntington Library and had such a fab time.  LO loved the art and gardens as in crying when we left.

She named her, "The Queen."

I hopped over to Scottsdale to celebrate my aunt's big birthday.  I went ALONE, it was kinda fab.

And some other random pics of non-princess dresses.