Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The birthday girl turned freeeeee today and let me tell you, I was tired.  The family visit and excursions galore were fun but girls plus more girls was a lot of talking and twirling and princess business.  LO literally loved the face off of her cousins and all the fun stuff.   She did mention that "her cousins talked a lot." There were four adults and four children so there were lots of people about for emergency bathroom runs and the such.  At one point, I found myself with the three youngest and I felt like they all went in different directions and I was sure that I would lose one of them in some freak accident.  But thankfully, my child was not the one that visited urgent care or the one who stuck a metal object in a light socket.  Score!

Yes, the cake is leaning.  That cake almost killed me.
Birthday castle

Flying in a rocket
Today was almost anti-climatic but we pushed on and decorated a cake from this place for a billion dollars.  LO also opened up some more gifts.