Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Train

Let your power shine, intramenet friends.  We embarked on the multi-faceted birthday train today.   We had the all important school birthday celebration.  They provided Oreos which seem to be what all kids with assorted allergies can eat.  Who knew that something so manufactured could be so universal?  They also blow out candles on a bejeweled cake.  We had discussed the teacher celebration a lot but she acted pretty terrified when it happened.


Good G-d WTH do you want me to do with this cake.
Thank goodness that is over.
Then we headed over to see LO's great grandfather where he purchased this monstrosity for her birthday.  She picked it out obvs.  It is pretty funny to see what she picks out when given free reign to pick out a gift.  She picked out a large pink pool which wouldn't fit in the car and then a baby swing to hang from a tree.  Then princess dresses because we are definitely short on those in this house.

We will continue her birthday celebration at Disneyland where one of her cousins is also celebrating her birthday and then onto the princess tea with her cousins with special guest, Rapunzel.  I am pretty excited because I know that she will have such a good time.

In other NOT FUN news, we had family pictures on Sunday.  Oh, how the times be a changing.  St Patty's Day in Venice Beach taking pictures.  I hate Venice and I hate family pics so it was no surprise when I ACTUALLY burst into tears 15 minutes into it and yelled, "SHUT IT DOWN!" The weather was crappy, the three year old was in a bad mood and I was a titch high strung.  I had promised myself that I would be more relaxed and go into the whole thing with a devil may care attitude.  I didn't comment on DH's outfit or tell him what to wear.  I did tell him his shirt looked cheap and made him look like a gang banger but HE ASKED.   The photographer was wonderful and she sent us a sneak peek and they look kind of great.  I was pleasantly surprised.  LO really liked her when she wasn't acting tortured.

Speaking of torture, we tried out gymnastics yesterday with a friend.  The kids in the class acted like the class was pure evil.  LO loved the different equipment and was kind of a natural (surprising giving her lineage) but the class was the poops.  Also, its kind of hard to learn gymnastics when you don't like to be touched so the Olympics is really a toss up at this point.
I have been working on a cake up in here for this weekend's tea party and it has not been going too well.  Insert BIG ass sigh.

Finally, LO just talking about stuff.

Please observe the penguin ice pack for all finger emergencies.