Sunday, March 3, 2013

Best Week Evah

Yo, Yo, Yo.  The shite has been going down over in this end of the world.  I blister burned a hand, got swarmed by thousands of bees and I totally missed LO CHOKING until she was drooling and that was Monday before 4 pm.  On Tuesday, I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease--FUN TIMES.  Wednesday brought an altercation with a preschool director cause I am a bad ass like that.  Funnily enough, it wasn't even LO's school that got me all hot under the collar.  DH was gone for TEN MOTHER F***ING DAYS, let's just say that I want to be him in my next life.  My ha1c levels have also gone in the shitter.  If you don't know what that means, be VERY thankful.  That is what is worrying me the most but I am trucking along.  At the end of the day, you can only do and worry so much.

We found a new ballet class that was less RHOBH and more low key.  LO loves it and did really well at listening and trying out the moves.  I am pretty sure that I am not doing the correct move.

Trying out some of the moves later

Separation at school has gotten a little easier.  DAMN this kid is such a deep thinker.  She told me that she doesn't cry when I leave as she doesn't want me to be disappointed in her.  I almost lost it and started bawling.  Why is she 45???? She remembers everything! We have had to start talking about worries and not to keep them inside, talking helps blah, blah, blah.  OMG! Pour some paint on the new walls or throw some of my shoes in the toilet.  She has gotten a lot better at telling people when she doesn't like something or needs space so I feel like she can stand up for herself more.

We had a play date with one of her fav friends from preschool.  He is so adorable and TRILINGUAL biatches.  I am trying to set up more preschool play dates as it made a HUGE difference in her becoming more comfortable at school.  A little too comfortable perhaps as they know eskimo kiss occasionally during story time.  It is kind of funny considering LO tells peeps to back their bizness up when they ask for a hug.  BTW--is the term eskimo kiss not PC anymore??

We are feeling house POOR these days so our backyard continues to be a menace to the shorties.  So instead of the big birthday house party that I had been envisioning, we signed up for a My Gym party for tiny folks only.  I have not felt an ounce of regret.  LO REALLLLLLYYYYY loves Rapunzel and wants a purple party but also really likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates so I was going to do a Princess and Pirates party but decided that sounded very sorority/fraternity mixerish and am going purple with mixes of the flaxen haired goddess.  We also met Rapunzel.  Totally the happiest day ever.

On our way to a dress-up play date.  Or as LO feels, a play date where it is socially acceptable to wear a Rapunzel dress.
I promise to write more around these parts.  Ya know in between formal wear outfit changes.