Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The birthday girl turned freeeeee today and let me tell you, I was tired.  The family visit and excursions galore were fun but girls plus more girls was a lot of talking and twirling and princess business.  LO literally loved the face off of her cousins and all the fun stuff.   She did mention that "her cousins talked a lot." There were four adults and four children so there were lots of people about for emergency bathroom runs and the such.  At one point, I found myself with the three youngest and I felt like they all went in different directions and I was sure that I would lose one of them in some freak accident.  But thankfully, my child was not the one that visited urgent care or the one who stuck a metal object in a light socket.  Score!

Yes, the cake is leaning.  That cake almost killed me.
Birthday castle

Flying in a rocket
Today was almost anti-climatic but we pushed on and decorated a cake from this place for a billion dollars.  LO also opened up some more gifts.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Train

Let your power shine, intramenet friends.  We embarked on the multi-faceted birthday train today.   We had the all important school birthday celebration.  They provided Oreos which seem to be what all kids with assorted allergies can eat.  Who knew that something so manufactured could be so universal?  They also blow out candles on a bejeweled cake.  We had discussed the teacher celebration a lot but she acted pretty terrified when it happened.


Good G-d WTH do you want me to do with this cake.
Thank goodness that is over.
Then we headed over to see LO's great grandfather where he purchased this monstrosity for her birthday.  She picked it out obvs.  It is pretty funny to see what she picks out when given free reign to pick out a gift.  She picked out a large pink pool which wouldn't fit in the car and then a baby swing to hang from a tree.  Then princess dresses because we are definitely short on those in this house.

We will continue her birthday celebration at Disneyland where one of her cousins is also celebrating her birthday and then onto the princess tea with her cousins with special guest, Rapunzel.  I am pretty excited because I know that she will have such a good time.

In other NOT FUN news, we had family pictures on Sunday.  Oh, how the times be a changing.  St Patty's Day in Venice Beach taking pictures.  I hate Venice and I hate family pics so it was no surprise when I ACTUALLY burst into tears 15 minutes into it and yelled, "SHUT IT DOWN!" The weather was crappy, the three year old was in a bad mood and I was a titch high strung.  I had promised myself that I would be more relaxed and go into the whole thing with a devil may care attitude.  I didn't comment on DH's outfit or tell him what to wear.  I did tell him his shirt looked cheap and made him look like a gang banger but HE ASKED.   The photographer was wonderful and she sent us a sneak peek and they look kind of great.  I was pleasantly surprised.  LO really liked her when she wasn't acting tortured.

Speaking of torture, we tried out gymnastics yesterday with a friend.  The kids in the class acted like the class was pure evil.  LO loved the different equipment and was kind of a natural (surprising giving her lineage) but the class was the poops.  Also, its kind of hard to learn gymnastics when you don't like to be touched so the Olympics is really a toss up at this point.
I have been working on a cake up in here for this weekend's tea party and it has not been going too well.  Insert BIG ass sigh.

Finally, LO just talking about stuff.

Please observe the penguin ice pack for all finger emergencies.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Whateva Ya Want

The real luxury in having an only child is giving them what they want without any me toooooos or what about meeeeees to make you feel guilty.  Oh wait, we can't just buy them toys and make them happy.  I beg to differ but whatever you say.  When I was working and had more disposable income and wayyyyyy more time to browse on the computer and blog apparently, I would buy LO a lot of stuff.  I have slowed down on the stuff and definitely clothes but if she sees something I will mention it to Grandma or Poppy and voila or even myself.   It is hard to say no when she is so damn funny and cute.  And she thinks that I am awesome 95% of the time.  Flattery realllllly goes far with me.

Sooooo, I have been trying to cool it lately as it is her birthday in two weeks and we can't buy everything. I don't want her to be given every material item that she wants. Then came the headband drama.  So LO went to a friend's house and there was a hair wreath/headband thing and she wanted it.  So as we were leaving the very nice Mommy said that LO could borrow it for a couple of days.  LO wore it non-stop, slept with it and told everyone that her most bestest friend had let her borrow it.  

I asked one of the moms at her school if she could make one as that is her craft and she said that I could easily make ten headbands for $15 by visiting a local craft store.  sigh.  Sooooooo I spent $45 and made eight headbands of varying designs all of which LO rejected.  I kept reminding her that we had to give the headband back but (HERE IS THE NEXT MISTAKE IN A STRING OF MISTAKES) maybe the other girl would trade her one of the delightful headbands that I had made.  So the little girl came over and chose a lovely headband made by me and LO is practically shaking with excitement but like all two year olds changed her mind leading to total devastation by LO.  She wasn't angry but tragically disappointed.  The break my heart, run to the store and buy her the same flipping headband but I didn't.  I made A LOT of mistakes such as letting her borrow it, trying to "make" something, suggesting she might want to trade and just about everything but in the end we both learned a lesson.  

We aren't borrowing anything and I have to teach my kid that other people have things that we want and don't always get.  LO and I talked about it, like a couple of adults and she understood and my heart burst at her total and utter awesomeness.  I didn't grow up in this crazy town but it looks like my daughter will, so it is probably better to learn the lesson early.  I was at public schools after the 5th grade and very few students had any kind of wealth and I mean wealth like someones dad was the vet and another a dentist.   The extremes in So CA are so blatant, that it helps me to feel so grateful for what we have and not the least bit jealous of the extreme wealth.  Maybe a little of their abundance of furniture.

I talked my mom into this ridiculous dress that doesn't fit and this ship that
was more than my Valentine's Day money.  Hahahaa suckers.

Biatch, buy me the damn headband or I will totally talk about
the incident in therapy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Best Week Evah

Yo, Yo, Yo.  The shite has been going down over in this end of the world.  I blister burned a hand, got swarmed by thousands of bees and I totally missed LO CHOKING until she was drooling and that was Monday before 4 pm.  On Tuesday, I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease--FUN TIMES.  Wednesday brought an altercation with a preschool director cause I am a bad ass like that.  Funnily enough, it wasn't even LO's school that got me all hot under the collar.  DH was gone for TEN MOTHER F***ING DAYS, let's just say that I want to be him in my next life.  My ha1c levels have also gone in the shitter.  If you don't know what that means, be VERY thankful.  That is what is worrying me the most but I am trucking along.  At the end of the day, you can only do and worry so much.

We found a new ballet class that was less RHOBH and more low key.  LO loves it and did really well at listening and trying out the moves.  I am pretty sure that I am not doing the correct move.

Trying out some of the moves later

Separation at school has gotten a little easier.  DAMN this kid is such a deep thinker.  She told me that she doesn't cry when I leave as she doesn't want me to be disappointed in her.  I almost lost it and started bawling.  Why is she 45???? She remembers everything! We have had to start talking about worries and not to keep them inside, talking helps blah, blah, blah.  OMG! Pour some paint on the new walls or throw some of my shoes in the toilet.  She has gotten a lot better at telling people when she doesn't like something or needs space so I feel like she can stand up for herself more.

We had a play date with one of her fav friends from preschool.  He is so adorable and TRILINGUAL biatches.  I am trying to set up more preschool play dates as it made a HUGE difference in her becoming more comfortable at school.  A little too comfortable perhaps as they know eskimo kiss occasionally during story time.  It is kind of funny considering LO tells peeps to back their bizness up when they ask for a hug.  BTW--is the term eskimo kiss not PC anymore??

We are feeling house POOR these days so our backyard continues to be a menace to the shorties.  So instead of the big birthday house party that I had been envisioning, we signed up for a My Gym party for tiny folks only.  I have not felt an ounce of regret.  LO REALLLLLLYYYYY loves Rapunzel and wants a purple party but also really likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates so I was going to do a Princess and Pirates party but decided that sounded very sorority/fraternity mixerish and am going purple with mixes of the flaxen haired goddess.  We also met Rapunzel.  Totally the happiest day ever.

On our way to a dress-up play date.  Or as LO feels, a play date where it is socially acceptable to wear a Rapunzel dress.
I promise to write more around these parts.  Ya know in between formal wear outfit changes.