Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Love You, Man

Hello, blog.  Long time, no communicato.  LO chose Valentine's Day to accept separation at school willingly, which is so awesome! Except why do I feel so sad? My baby is growing up and I am so proud of her.  Sniff, sniff.  Today was one of those awesome days where DH and I reveled in all that was LO.  She is amazing and we are so happy to be our little family together.  LO handed out little train Valentines at school and she was so cute and timid and it was all so heart bursting lovely.   I realized that this is the first and last year that I will see her hand out Valentines.  We came home after the big separation and I couldn't stop hugging and cuddling the poor thing.  Then the three of us went to a proper Valentine's dinner with rose petals on the table and red roses for the ladies.

Other stuff happening in the hood:

We are all moved in and our storage area is cleaned out.  It feels so good to not be paying for storage anymore.  Some interesting items came out of storage.....

LO has taken to calling beads, "beatles," resulting in a lot of confusion in the house.

DH got a promotion and we are so proud.

LO has been telling me, "I don't know and I don't care," which also makes me so proud.  sigh.

We got some new cushions for our outdoor furniture and it feels so luxurious.  Now we need inside furniture and stuff.

I decided to forgo the large birthday party at our house due to the lack of furniture and big dirt ditch in the backyard which has made me feel so relieved even though I love planning parties.  I booked MyGym and got over it real fast.  I am still making a crazy cake of course.

LO has taken to cradling her head in her hands while covering her eyes when disappointed and saying "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh."It is all very dramatic and sad.

The El Capitan which is an old school movie theater on Hollywood Blvd with a great big organ and dancing before the movie had Peter Pan playing.  We went twice and LO loved it.

My MIL got this for LO last year for Xmas
Big girl bed

Hanging out with dad
Tasting some of the citrus from the trees in the backyard