Friday, January 25, 2013

The Post Where My Spouse Tells Me Doesn't LOVE Me

For the love of all that is holy, I have been working on a blog post for five days and it is making me want to jump in front of a semi.  I was trying to write a day in the life post but on my birthday so it would be some normal and some other stuff and you would think it was frighteningly funny.  Who doesn't want to be frighteningly funny?? It seems so British and funny and all around awesome.  Let me sum it up for you.  I awaken to the running of small feet on hardwood floors followed by LO working her freezing feet into my pj bottoms.  Then she either says, "I THOUGHT I WAS A PRINCESS!!" or "I THOUGHT I COULD WEAR A PRINCESS DRESS!!" Then LO declares herself starving every 90 minutes and I spend loads of time prepping and cleaning food followed by cleaning a diaper or pee off various items in our house.   LO then sprinkles in some gems during the day, a few from this week:

While getting out of the shower on Tuesday, "Do you need some help, little fella?"

During lunch on Tuesday, she has a conversation with Professor Wiseman from Curious George and Helen from Martha Speaks.

After school on Wednesday, "I had a bad day and I don't drink wine!"

Thursday, she keeps saying, "Some people talk about the future but I......"

Today while we are playing, "Be a good little monkey and stay right here."

I was also going to discuss that DH doesn't love me anymore and decided to tell me on the night before my birthday as if turning 29 again really needs to have more added to it.  His exact words were that he loves LO more than me.  I thought we were a team but obviously it is every man for himself over in this jungle.  Oh, the betrayal.  His justification is that I would shiv him for LO at any possible moment.  Well obviously but still.

Some pics for those skipping to the bottom.

Any requests?
I told you to distract them.