Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Plague, Oh Stop You'll Just Upset Me

Mother Gothel reference for all you neat folks that aren't being tortured by Disney.

LO has a cold that has had all the fun chills in the middle of the night, fever, cough, general bad mood and snot.  I am here to talk to you about the snot portion.  Kids are gross, yo.  They use your pillow as a tissue, sneeze in your face and want a hug when they are all goopy and sick.  LO threw a toy right in my eye on Saturday morning and it hurt but I thought I would get over it.  The pain started getting worse so I called the doctor and he said no more toys to the eye and come see him on Monday am.  So I woke up in serious pain on Monday and went to see the guy.  My eye doc is always posturing like there is a camera trained on him at all times.  It is weird.  Anyway he diagnosed bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) from "walking into a sneeze" or living with a toddler.  I had pink eye a lot as a kid, I wore glasses, we had one bathroom and all of the folks living with me loved it.  This was some kind of super attack pink eye, so painful and disgusting.  Toddlers, enough said.

I have also had the pleasure of getting LO's cold which would be no big deal without the pink eye, angry toddler and THE MAN COLD.  It happened today and somebody save me.  LO is demanding to go to a hotel as "the house is too big and doesn't have a small refrigerator with treats." The absence of a TV in the new house has also been commented upon. I think she means the house is TOO SMALL for the man cold but to each their own.  DH sends out memos about people staying home from work when they are sick, WHY!! Surely, he didn't mean himself.  He WAS a big help when I couldn't open my eyes and helped me with LO but a MAN COLD might be the end.  Feel free to drive by our house and throw things on our porch like liquor and chocolate.