Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Girl

This whole princess bizness has been taken to a new level lately.  I am struggling a titch but trying to stay super positive and ride the wave.  What else can you do? I said that I wouldn't offer the princess stuff but would support her if interested.  Interested is an understatement.  My entire house and car are covered in glitter.  She wakes up in the morning wanting to put on a princess dress and sleeps with the dresses at night.  She is TWO, geez.  A few pictures:

We are slowly unpacking and sloooowwwwlllyyy acquiring furniture.  Woohooo! Today was one of those great moments that you hope to remember forever.  We were unpacking the kitchen, music was playing, wine was involved and LO was playing on a sunny day in January.  IN OUR NEW HOUSE! The house where my baby girl is going to grow up.  As I unpacked my china, I told DH that this was better than all of those great trips we used to take or those afternoons with cocktails on the beach.  Maybe not the trip to Greece but most of them.

I have been having some longing to go back to a job lately.  It could be the way LO screamed for ten minutes that she was hungry while I made her lunch or the glitter in my teeth but I have some envy of DH's career.  I will get tired or a little bored with the routine but then I will see LO share her beloved wand and crown with her friend or be so excited for our time together that I know I can't give this time up.   She is such a sweet little girl and I feel so lucky to spend so much time with her.  Even if she did tell me I was driving her nuts.