Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mona Lisa

The house is almost finished and I can't wait to kick everybody out.  Some kitchen pics with moldings, glass, cabinets and pulls.

The kitchen is my dream kitchen and my dream floors.  Ummmmm but OMFG so hard to keep clean with a two year old with sticky ass fingers dyed with blueberry juice.  She is really trying but she forgets not to touch the walls every five seconds with jam or spurt carrot juice out of her mouth.  I don't want to be on her every second for not sitting while eating or drinking but what was I thinking with white floors and dark hardwood!?  Our old kitchen you could eat or drink on it and LEAVE it and never see it.  You would almost lose the spot where you needed to clean as everything blended.  Also a porcelain sink!? Aye, I am so excited but will probably get an ulcer.  Our bathroom got a sink as well today!

LO started school on Monday and there a ton of new kids.  It has been hard for LO as we have been late both days due to contractors and so many new faces.  I need to buy a book on what to do for shy kids as she has a hard time participating as she gets so embarrassed.  I was shy as a kid too and I feel somehow responsible for her shyness. 

LO likes art books and we discuss some of the more famous paintings. (Yuck, that sounds so douchey)  I know very little about art but I try to read something interesting about each one and tell her something relevant.  So we were discussing Mona Lisa's smile and DH and I were talking about the painting being in Paris and maybe we could go as a family to see it at the Louvre. She looked at us like we were crazy and announced that the Mona Lisa was not in Paris but on the street.  So on the first day back to school, she went and gave the Mona Lisa a big hug and kiss as it was indeed on the street.

Lastly, everyday is a struggle to get dressed as she wants to wear a princess dress everyday.  She wakes up and insists on putting a dress on over her pajamas.  Today, I went with it and let her wear the dress with a pj top underneath to school and paired it with jeggings.  

We also painted a birdhouse for our backyard in said outfit.  She kept yelling at "Jumpy" Squirrel, "Where are you going?? Come back!!"

And our bedtime outfit tonight as waking up and putting a dress on can only be upstaged by wearing a dress to bed.

P.S. I have no clue how my comments came back or if they are here to stay.  I am trying to be nice to them so they will stick around but you never know.