Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello Stranger

The house, we live in it!! The house isn't finished yet but it is livable.  Some before and not quite finished pics.


Wow, we love this stone so let's cover our house in it.
Kindle, what? 

In Progress:

 I have never owned a house before and I am in awe of things like parking in front of the house and walking in.  No stairs or gates just pull up and get out.  We put LO's assorted bikes outside and she was worried someone would take them.  We explained that the backyard was all for her and she was so excited.  I look around and smile.  I feel so lucky and just plain content.   Look at my fancy bathroom drain--FANCY!  I feel like I am in a hotel.

We live in a neighborhood and people walk their dogs and stop to talk to you on the regular.  Our garage is filled with all of the kitchen stuff and our outdoor furniture so we are parking outside and people really like to talk.  We live around the corner from one of our good friends and we walked there yesterday and it was so casual and relaxed and plain wonderful. Another family came over and then DH came by later and hung out and it was every single one of my Mayberry/Brady/Beaver fantasies playing out.  Loud children, moms trying to watch Downton Abbey talk and dads outside doing whatever men do outside.  I love love the vibe, so different from where we were before and we are so close to everything but in a NEIGHBORHOOD with old trees and people named CRICKET.   We have neighbors named Cricket and George.

LO is starting to adjust which is great as she has been sick since December 26 with a nasty ass cold and in a general monster mood.  She hysterically cried the first night wanting to go back to the hotel and that she missed her old house.  We set up her new kitchen to ease the blow but she was still pretty devastated.  School starts Monday which will be great for her.  She is going Monday through Thursday now and I am hoping that we can separate so she can be alone at school.

Some other stuff that happened:
You always wear hoop dresses to Home
Depot, right?
Waiting patiently to open gifts
"I can guarantee that I have more presents than you.
Trust me"
Seizing up the competition. 

Hey, let's rip out all of the living items from the backyard
with no real plan of what to do or budget.  Then we can
stick a random bar out there and use the computer.
 Hmmm, seems reasonable.