Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Plague, Oh Stop You'll Just Upset Me

Mother Gothel reference for all you neat folks that aren't being tortured by Disney.

LO has a cold that has had all the fun chills in the middle of the night, fever, cough, general bad mood and snot.  I am here to talk to you about the snot portion.  Kids are gross, yo.  They use your pillow as a tissue, sneeze in your face and want a hug when they are all goopy and sick.  LO threw a toy right in my eye on Saturday morning and it hurt but I thought I would get over it.  The pain started getting worse so I called the doctor and he said no more toys to the eye and come see him on Monday am.  So I woke up in serious pain on Monday and went to see the guy.  My eye doc is always posturing like there is a camera trained on him at all times.  It is weird.  Anyway he diagnosed bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) from "walking into a sneeze" or living with a toddler.  I had pink eye a lot as a kid, I wore glasses, we had one bathroom and all of the folks living with me loved it.  This was some kind of super attack pink eye, so painful and disgusting.  Toddlers, enough said.

I have also had the pleasure of getting LO's cold which would be no big deal without the pink eye, angry toddler and THE MAN COLD.  It happened today and somebody save me.  LO is demanding to go to a hotel as "the house is too big and doesn't have a small refrigerator with treats." The absence of a TV in the new house has also been commented upon. I think she means the house is TOO SMALL for the man cold but to each their own.  DH sends out memos about people staying home from work when they are sick, WHY!! Surely, he didn't mean himself.  He WAS a big help when I couldn't open my eyes and helped me with LO but a MAN COLD might be the end.  Feel free to drive by our house and throw things on our porch like liquor and chocolate.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Post Where My Spouse Tells Me Doesn't LOVE Me

For the love of all that is holy, I have been working on a blog post for five days and it is making me want to jump in front of a semi.  I was trying to write a day in the life post but on my birthday so it would be some normal and some other stuff and you would think it was frighteningly funny.  Who doesn't want to be frighteningly funny?? It seems so British and funny and all around awesome.  Let me sum it up for you.  I awaken to the running of small feet on hardwood floors followed by LO working her freezing feet into my pj bottoms.  Then she either says, "I THOUGHT I WAS A PRINCESS!!" or "I THOUGHT I COULD WEAR A PRINCESS DRESS!!" Then LO declares herself starving every 90 minutes and I spend loads of time prepping and cleaning food followed by cleaning a diaper or pee off various items in our house.   LO then sprinkles in some gems during the day, a few from this week:

While getting out of the shower on Tuesday, "Do you need some help, little fella?"

During lunch on Tuesday, she has a conversation with Professor Wiseman from Curious George and Helen from Martha Speaks.

After school on Wednesday, "I had a bad day and I don't drink wine!"

Thursday, she keeps saying, "Some people talk about the future but I......"

Today while we are playing, "Be a good little monkey and stay right here."

I was also going to discuss that DH doesn't love me anymore and decided to tell me on the night before my birthday as if turning 29 again really needs to have more added to it.  His exact words were that he loves LO more than me.  I thought we were a team but obviously it is every man for himself over in this jungle.  Oh, the betrayal.  His justification is that I would shiv him for LO at any possible moment.  Well obviously but still.

Some pics for those skipping to the bottom.

Any requests?
I told you to distract them.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Girl

This whole princess bizness has been taken to a new level lately.  I am struggling a titch but trying to stay super positive and ride the wave.  What else can you do? I said that I wouldn't offer the princess stuff but would support her if interested.  Interested is an understatement.  My entire house and car are covered in glitter.  She wakes up in the morning wanting to put on a princess dress and sleeps with the dresses at night.  She is TWO, geez.  A few pictures:

We are slowly unpacking and sloooowwwwlllyyy acquiring furniture.  Woohooo! Today was one of those great moments that you hope to remember forever.  We were unpacking the kitchen, music was playing, wine was involved and LO was playing on a sunny day in January.  IN OUR NEW HOUSE! The house where my baby girl is going to grow up.  As I unpacked my china, I told DH that this was better than all of those great trips we used to take or those afternoons with cocktails on the beach.  Maybe not the trip to Greece but most of them.

I have been having some longing to go back to a job lately.  It could be the way LO screamed for ten minutes that she was hungry while I made her lunch or the glitter in my teeth but I have some envy of DH's career.  I will get tired or a little bored with the routine but then I will see LO share her beloved wand and crown with her friend or be so excited for our time together that I know I can't give this time up.   She is such a sweet little girl and I feel so lucky to spend so much time with her.  Even if she did tell me I was driving her nuts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mona Lisa

The house is almost finished and I can't wait to kick everybody out.  Some kitchen pics with moldings, glass, cabinets and pulls.

The kitchen is my dream kitchen and my dream floors.  Ummmmm but OMFG so hard to keep clean with a two year old with sticky ass fingers dyed with blueberry juice.  She is really trying but she forgets not to touch the walls every five seconds with jam or spurt carrot juice out of her mouth.  I don't want to be on her every second for not sitting while eating or drinking but what was I thinking with white floors and dark hardwood!?  Our old kitchen you could eat or drink on it and LEAVE it and never see it.  You would almost lose the spot where you needed to clean as everything blended.  Also a porcelain sink!? Aye, I am so excited but will probably get an ulcer.  Our bathroom got a sink as well today!

LO started school on Monday and there a ton of new kids.  It has been hard for LO as we have been late both days due to contractors and so many new faces.  I need to buy a book on what to do for shy kids as she has a hard time participating as she gets so embarrassed.  I was shy as a kid too and I feel somehow responsible for her shyness. 

LO likes art books and we discuss some of the more famous paintings. (Yuck, that sounds so douchey)  I know very little about art but I try to read something interesting about each one and tell her something relevant.  So we were discussing Mona Lisa's smile and DH and I were talking about the painting being in Paris and maybe we could go as a family to see it at the Louvre. She looked at us like we were crazy and announced that the Mona Lisa was not in Paris but on the street.  So on the first day back to school, she went and gave the Mona Lisa a big hug and kiss as it was indeed on the street.

Lastly, everyday is a struggle to get dressed as she wants to wear a princess dress everyday.  She wakes up and insists on putting a dress on over her pajamas.  Today, I went with it and let her wear the dress with a pj top underneath to school and paired it with jeggings.  

We also painted a birdhouse for our backyard in said outfit.  She kept yelling at "Jumpy" Squirrel, "Where are you going?? Come back!!"

And our bedtime outfit tonight as waking up and putting a dress on can only be upstaged by wearing a dress to bed.

P.S. I have no clue how my comments came back or if they are here to stay.  I am trying to be nice to them so they will stick around but you never know.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello Stranger

The house, we live in it!! The house isn't finished yet but it is livable.  Some before and not quite finished pics.


Wow, we love this stone so let's cover our house in it.
Kindle, what? 

In Progress:

 I have never owned a house before and I am in awe of things like parking in front of the house and walking in.  No stairs or gates just pull up and get out.  We put LO's assorted bikes outside and she was worried someone would take them.  We explained that the backyard was all for her and she was so excited.  I look around and smile.  I feel so lucky and just plain content.   Look at my fancy bathroom drain--FANCY!  I feel like I am in a hotel.

We live in a neighborhood and people walk their dogs and stop to talk to you on the regular.  Our garage is filled with all of the kitchen stuff and our outdoor furniture so we are parking outside and people really like to talk.  We live around the corner from one of our good friends and we walked there yesterday and it was so casual and relaxed and plain wonderful. Another family came over and then DH came by later and hung out and it was every single one of my Mayberry/Brady/Beaver fantasies playing out.  Loud children, moms trying to watch Downton Abbey talk and dads outside doing whatever men do outside.  I love love the vibe, so different from where we were before and we are so close to everything but in a NEIGHBORHOOD with old trees and people named CRICKET.   We have neighbors named Cricket and George.

LO is starting to adjust which is great as she has been sick since December 26 with a nasty ass cold and in a general monster mood.  She hysterically cried the first night wanting to go back to the hotel and that she missed her old house.  We set up her new kitchen to ease the blow but she was still pretty devastated.  School starts Monday which will be great for her.  She is going Monday through Thursday now and I am hoping that we can separate so she can be alone at school.

Some other stuff that happened:
You always wear hoop dresses to Home
Depot, right?
Waiting patiently to open gifts
"I can guarantee that I have more presents than you.
Trust me"
Seizing up the competition. 

Hey, let's rip out all of the living items from the backyard
with no real plan of what to do or budget.  Then we can
stick a random bar out there and use the computer.
 Hmmm, seems reasonable.