Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays 2013

Lest you think we are all orca saving around here, we have been indulging in lots of frivolous holiday activities.  We hit up Vegas for Thanksgivukkah and it was a grand old time.  LO picked out some jewels cuz nothing says fancy like tiaras and medallions.  She was also excited to visit the Eiffel Tower and the candy factory where I was delighted when there was a problem and the candies started falling off the assembly line.

December was a blur of parties and cookie decorating and all of the usual holiday stuff.  We were so excited to celebrate our first holiday season in our new home.  We hosted lots of activities and even the big event at our house.  While I probably went overboard on everything, we had loads of fun and it was really special.  But is it okay to say that I am ready to move on?? Now I will picture bomb you.

Xmas Eve with the cousins at our house
Xmas morning
Xmas Day Brunch
Xmas night going big

We also went to lunch at the American Girl Cafe today.  LO brought her Rapunzel doll and didn't ask for an American Girl doll so I declared the lunch a success.

One of my favorite activities this month was the Winter Sing Along at LO's school.  It was freaking adorable!

Hope your holidays were fantabulous!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Orcas and Jitterbugs

Marketers are always looking to target the early adopters.  I have sat in countless meetings analyzing these mythical deities.  Everyone wants them but they are always just out of reach.  I am exactly what these marketers don't want.  I am the Jitterbug to their iPhone.  When Blackberry came out with a phone that could be used as a phone and for email, I was horrified.  I was the absolute last person in my ENTIRE company to get one and the ONLY reason I finally broke down was because my Blackberry broke and they refused to replace it with the old version.  I made the IT person call them to see about replacing it with a used one.  Yes, I live on the other side of the early adopter bell curve.  As people starting raving about this new fangled iPhone, I researched phones with no options.

Once I adopt or start down one road, it is hard for me to switch.  I feel like I invest time and energy into thinking about something and then I want to move on.  I don't want to go back, I want my Motorola flip phone to stay relevant.  This awesome personality trait really relates to everything and sometimes I shy away from new knowledge as I have to then go back and reanalyze.  For example, Seaworld.  Yes, great wholesome family fun place that rescues animals.  EXCEPT that they are kidnappers.  Stealing healthy baby animals from their families and killing some in the process is not rescuing.  EVEN separating families born in captivity is NOT family fun.

I put off watching Blackfish forevah, until it was haunting me. DH CRIED when they took the baby orca from its family.  The freaking whales CRIED when they stole their babies.  I can NEVER go to Seaworld again.  Like never, forever. I loved going as a kid and I was excited to share the experience with LO.  I sure hope that she had fun this time as I can never contribute another dollar to any organization that kidnaps and lies. Putting whales into captivity shortens their lives by half and ya know makes them SAD. I realize that the movie is dramatized and that they probably don't kidnap whales today as they have enough breeding to go around but we know so much more about animals and really they shouldn't be made to entertain us or kept in a super small space.  It really applies to all animals in captivity that are able to live in the wild.  We need to just entertain each other.

There is someone in the movie that says we will look back in 50 years and think of how barbaric we acted.  I don't want to wait 50 years, I am going to stop now and the best way that I know how is with my money.  I want to think that if I lived during slavery, I would have taken a step back and said, "Yo, this is crap, let's not do this."

So this is me saying, "Yo Seaparks, zoos and other nefarious institutions that steal babies and make them amuse us, this is CRAP."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flipping Your Fins

A friend once told me that her greatest hope for her son is for him to be "normal."  He wouldn't be teased, things wouldn't be too hard for him and that he could roll with it.  I didn't fully comprehend what she meant at the time but I understand what she meant now.  You want your kids to struggle but not too much.  Just enough so they have empathy and are generally not a jerk.  While my greatest hope for LO is to be a plumber and lead a relatively stress free life, I can't help but hope that she is just the right amount of eccentric.  So I was pleasantly surprised when a teacher sent me this video.  I like the way she uses the whole classroom for her song.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween was fun.  Do you remember how everyone used to write in your yearbook, "Have a great summer!" And it was such a generic thing to say??! Do people still write in yearbooks?! Anyway Halloween was fun but we are still recovering. We had 30ish people over for festivities and trick or treating. I say 30ish because I really have no clue.  We would open the door to give out candy and people would be here for the party.   I didn't know a few people that showed up but everyone was lovely and the kids had a blast.  We had a lot of trick or treaters which was great for LO to hand out candy after we all got back. She was topless so that added to the ambiance and classiness of the whole party.

 LO kept yelling, "More DOORS!" and then would ask to be carried between houses.  One little old lady handed her a piece of candy and she yelled really excitedly, "THIS LADY IS HANDING OUT MUSHY CANDY!!" There were lots of families and groups out and it made the whole experience a lot more fun.  Our big group split up a bit as herding that many kids to each door was a bit overwhelming and we lost a few as they passed their own houses but a few came back to stuff as much in their mouths as possible.  I kept encouraging LO to go hog wild and she ate three witch cookies and probably five pieces of candy over the course of the evening.  I was a bit nervous about letting her go crazy and it turned out to be not that crazy.  She tasted a few things and didn't like them and went on to the next.  The fifth piece of candy only had a tiny bite in it.

The switch fairy brought her princess Candyland and a mermaid stuffed doll and she was pretty excited.  There was one comment asking about her candy and that was it.  She had been sorting our Halloween candy and pretending to trick or treat for weeks so I think she was more bummed that the game was over than the actual loss of eating.  Telling her she could eat as much as she wanted on Halloween after dinner really helped with the wanting to eat it before Halloween, as the answer was always no BUT get excited because you can go crazy.  I reminded her a lot to eat up that night too.  I think the switch fairy was probably unnecessary and I will see if she brings it up next year.

I did some artsy food shots before the party and then totally failed to get a family shot.  Also, LO didn't wear her nightgown costume but some cheapo Rapunzel get-up that was hanging around.  Whatever...

Do your kids ever drop everything and
run at you when you get out the camera??
Camera=attack me in kid language

Yes, I am pissed that she picked me up to take a picture 

This is serious business and should be treated as such.

 The day after gab fest.

Monday, October 28, 2013

And A Fairy Was Born

Halloween is almost here and I am willing to bet money that my little scrumptious cupcake decides against wearing her new $30 nightgown/costume.  She was supposed to don her costume for an event this weekend and here she is waiting impatiently for me to open the car door.  I am not even sure what this ensemble entails.  Also, how can you be so indignant when you look so ridiculous adorable.

 We went to a festival at the local elementary school this weekend and I heard "Switch Witch" for the first time.  Who is the genius/crazy person who thought up that idea??? Take the candy and leave a toy?!

Yes, two different tutus on two different days.
I was trying to decide what to do with the candy as we have made it disappear in the past but I read that is the "untrue" way to deal with candy.  So I floated the idea of a Switch Fairy this morning on the way to school and I think its a go. LO would straight up throw a fit if she thought a witch was coming to her house.

I told LO that she could eat as much candy as she wanted after dinner on Halloween but then the Switch Fairy would pay a visit and leave a toy.  She seemed hesitant so I told her that the fairy was really tiny.  But then the questions started:

How does a tiny fairy carry a large toy?
Does she have large hands?
Does she use a tiny blanket?
Is it a pretend fairy?

I have never told her about any imaginary figures before and I kind of felt a titch incredulous that she was going to go for it.  I am going to be really pissed if I have to talk about the Switch Fairy for the next year.  Times like these make me wish the comment section worked so you can tell me if you have heard of the switch witch and if your kids are believers.  sigh.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

I had my very first official parent teacher conference yesterday.  As, I had been talking to them A LOT as of late, I was expecting much of the same.  I was pleasantly surprised but went in with very low expectations so it was a GREAT report.  Her teachers kept saying that she was very smart but not in the "omg your child is a genius."  More of the "she tries to trick us by telling us two different stories." Things that came across loud and clear included her "leader" personality meaning she wants the kids to play her games.  Her games include her version of catch, she holds the purple ball and they chase her but she holds the ball the entire time.  Sometimes, her shyness can prevent her personality from "shining."

One item that pleasantly surprised me is that she is doing a lot more gross motor skills like climbing and riding the bikes.  Girlfriend could probably sit down and cut out a snowflake then would run across the room and run straight into a pole.

We hit up Disneyland after the conference for our last hurrah.  My season pass expires tomorrow and I am not going to renew our super cheap pass as it only works during the week and LO is in school.  Also, I think it is getting a little suspicious that I am still passing LO off as two years old.  She spent much of the time climbing and going down the big slide at CA Adventure.  I was so proud of her!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

School Stuff

There has been a lot going on over at this farm as of late. LO is in school and it is going ok.  Most days it goes well but there are some epic days where it all falls apart. Where I am shrieking in the front yard to get her damn shoes on.  She has a steel trap memory and if one thing goes wrong one time then she remembers FOREVAH.  One time she thought that her teacher was going to leave her alone and for three weeks she FREAKED out when it was time for the transition to extended day.  We are still working back towards liking extended which is only two extra hours.  She has very deep feelings about a lot of subjects which can be exhausting at times.

At the same time, she can be the sweetest, cutest, lovable and so amazing.

Smile or show me your bottom teeth

She asked to go to his house

Pumpkin harvest from our yard

I am also studying for the GRE to go back to SCHOOL.  I am applying to one whole school and praying for a miracle.  I'm a titch worried about the GRE which I take in three weeks as I am trying to relearn some math stuff.  One more excuse not to blog and stuff.

Monday, September 23, 2013

So Awesome

This was posted at the end of my street today.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Buh Bye Summer

So long, Summer.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.  I loooooovvvveeee Summer, it is so much FUN but I'm over it.  I am over the heat and the nonstop fun and the busy.  I don't want the holidays or the freezing cold but the Summer can move on out.  I want it to be dark at 6 pm and I want to be inside.  This is my first Summer not working for a looooonnnngggg time.  I feel so grateful for my many friends and wonderful home with a backyard and the ability to spend so much time with LO.  But it is time to move on back to school and work and a routine.  I am done with the pools and the swim lessons and BBQs.  We have even stopped using the BBQ and ordered sandwiches for our last two gatherings.  LO started school today and I jumped on the bandwagon and gave the girl a sign.

During the week off which DH took off from work, we headed to Disneyland.  It was so damn hot and sticky and gross.  We had a great time but damn Walt, could you have picked a spot by the beach???

I like that LO and DH have outfit changes
but I keep on trucking with the same outfit.

We went to a grand opening for a friend's card shop.

Then we bought a Mega Connect 4.

Summer-game over.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bloggiety, blog, blog, blog

The neglect that has befallen this blog is so sad.  The crazy part is that I think about blogging daily and all the stuff that I want to blog about and then I look back and think that SURELY I already blogged about making butter at the state fair and alas, no blog post.  So a little catch-up, we shimmied up the state to stay with my oldest bestie.  We laughed, we sweated and no one went to the ER.  Winning, do people still say that or did I just date myself like the people who still say hella??

I feel like I need to keep shite really real for LO since we live in this crazy place.  So I took her for good ol' fashion 1000 degree fun where I grew up.  Nothing says fun like making butter among livestock and large people.

Or meeting some carnies on a ride.

Sweaty eating also scores big.

Petting some high grade sturgeon.  Caviar, biatches.

Tractor pic with a broken steering wheel.  "Just pretend for the g-d damn pic!"

I'm not sure how giant games relates to the state fair but it was inside.  And I secretly wanted one.

We came back home and it was back to the school routine which has been less than stellar.  Separation is hard for my worried little one.  We have been trying different things to make our mornings easier including setting out our amulet and underwear the night before.  I am a person that decides as I am walking out the door what to wear. Turns out that my daughter is like my mother and husband with the laying out of things.  She seems almost excited when she lays out her clothes.  

While a lot of people were telling me to do less school and maybe she wasn't ready, her school gently pushed for her to do MORE school as in the big time After Lunch Bunch which stays until 2.  She actually loves it and staying longer has made the whole day better.

Saying goodbye is still gut wrenchingly hard but she has decided that lipstick helps prepare her for the day and she can be strong if she puts enough lipstick on.  Unfortunately she favors red.

Our garden has been going strong.  I feel almost scared of it.  It is really nice to go out and grab veggies for dinner.  I have even taken zucchini to LO's school as we literally have sooooo much.  Note to self, dial down the zucchini next year.  

We attended a birthday party last weekend and I heard from two different families that their sons have a crush on LO which cracks me up.  LO has been struggling with school and I have seen her scream at friends because she is really upset about me leaving.  I have worried that maybe kids will be a little scared of her screaminess and not want to play.  I know that she sticks to girlie stuff at school which leads me to believe that these boys like a little crazy.  

Parks, great places to break into song.