Monday, January 30, 2012

On Vacation

When the going gets tough, the tough should go on vacation or plan a vacation or dream about a vacation or talk about vacation or blog about vacation.  I start to get real crazy unless ALL of my vacation days have a SPECIAL purpose.  So I have been searching for the perfect spot in Cape Cod for this summer and I think that I have found it.  The front looks like this.
I die.  This beauty is no dog on the inside like most pretty girls.
I feel like the finding teeth probability is going to be really low.  So we will be going to John's hometown in NY and then flying to Boston to stay in a house NICER than my home for a week.  I am getting pretty excited.  

Also in three weeks, I will be here.
That leaves the end of year open for a small trip.  Of course if someone would hurry up and get engaged and then plan their Caribbean wedding, that Winter 2013 trip may be planned.  No pressure.

And we are doing a mini trip in April with some resident experts on relaxation here.  I'm really hoping that they have people laying by the pool holding that pose.
I will also be HERE in November as I finally signed up for the Blathering.

Hmmmmmm, I am thinking Tahoe for Thanksgiving or a trip over Labor Day.  I don't know about you but I am feeling MUCH better.   What are your favorite places to visit?  What am I missing for future trips? Will we kill each other in a house alone for a week?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

V-day Countdown

Do you remember Valentine's Day as a kid?  Popping out the cheap paper cards and the little envelopes and the super cheap Valentine's that didn't even have an envelope.  I mean those were at the bottom of the pile in terms of Valentine's Day cards unless the cheap non-envelope one was from your super BFF and then it was great.  Always the small anxiety that you wouldn't get any? The only worse event was the carnation fundraiser in high school where they delivered the flowers to your homeroom  and being mortified when you didn't receive ANY! None, zero, zilch cheap carnations.  Ok, I am getting off subject as V-day is around the corner and I will be providing DH with a list of expected items for V-day, such as a romantic card with no unflattering pictures of myself (see b-day card).   I have been physically restraining myself from ordering a chair backer for LO's valentines as she doesn't go to school and probably won't receive many valentines. Hint, Hint DH.

So when Tiny Prints emailed me about their Valentine's Day cards, I was beside myself.  First, has the bar really been raised that HIGH?! Second, how is LO supposed to receive any UNLESS she sends out cards immediately! So I picked my favorite from the same set of photos that I have been using from last Fall that my family and friends may or may not be sick of seeing.  In my rush to be totally artsy, does it look like she has ummmm boogies? Therefore necessitating that I throw a sepia tint on the card?

These are the important decisions that we should be discussing at work or when you are caring for your children.  Please weigh in as I don't want to send out a card that will scar my child for life.  Also, I tried doing a little creative "editing" and I am just not that talented.  Check out the cute cards and consider sending one to me LO.

 Find them on Facebook Twitter & Pinterest
*Tiny Prints compensated me for this post but all of the awesome ideas and opinions are entirely from yours truly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Give Me Your Pacifier

Things have been a little rough for LO lately with her meds and stomach.  Consequently, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with estate planning (aaarrghhhhh), taxes (blarghhh) and medical bills (OMGOMGOMGOMG).  I can only hope that a larger number of people have health insurance that didn't before as the changes each year for us (personally) have resulted in much less coverage for A LOT more money and a lot more paperwork.  Between DH's ER visit and eye procedures and LO's stomach, we are really drowning in forms.  Online bill pay has helped so much as the last time I saw my checkbook, every check had pen all over it and an occasional sticker. When peeps start acting up at work, you can be sure that I am ready to punch or ignore them or politely ask them to shut it

So, the best thing to do when feeling stressed and hand wringy is to drink heavily and complain give to someone else.  I had wanted to help Harvest Home during the holidays but they were a bit late getting me information so I have decided to make them my year long project.   "Harvest Home provides a warm, stable environment where women facing a crisis pregnancy can seek refuge. In addition to providing food, shelter and clothing, Harvest Home provides a comprehensive program aimed at helping homeless pregnant women regain their independence, both emotionally and financially."   Each woman is given a layette of the following new items:

Baby Lotion
Diaper Cream
Baby Wash
Hooded bath towel
Baby wash cloths or pre-soaped disposable ones
Burp cloths
Bottle scrubber
Baby book (for tracking weight, handprints etc.)
Bulb syringe*
Baby scissors or infant nail clippers*
Crocheted baby blanket
*could be part of a first aid set

I know that when LO was born, people seriously acted like royalty had come out of my womb.  In addition to three amazing baby showers, we received a gift EVERY day for her first SIX weeks of life.  Gifts came from other countries and people we hadn't seen in years.  Duplicate and triplicates of essential items like solid gold rocking horses.  The best part was that we were terrified to put her in anything beyond the hospital shirts that you are supposed to use only at the hospital.   I feel so grateful for all of the love and attention that we received so I thought this was a perfect charity for me.

So if you are in the area and you are going through your nursery and you find unopened packages of pacifiers that your child no longer wants  (Never going to happen in my house) or unopened bottle scrubbers (um yes!) please pass them along.  Also, if you are out shopping and you only need one of the above but the second is free, pass it along.  I will be working on the layettes all year, let me know if you want to help!

Monday, January 23, 2012

You ARE a Star

LO was one of 15 kids recently featured in her school's weekly newsletter.  I told them if they featured the damn adorable twins again I was cutting my donations casually told the teacher that she had never been in the newsletter.  I was rewarded with a startled expression and the bottom half of my sweater.  I think that I can expect a lot more great pictures in the future. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deja Vu Boohooo

It happened again. Have you seen Hangover 2? No? You didn't miss anything. The premise of the movie is that they remade the exact same movie as "it happened again." I spent another birthday crying in my wine AGAIN.  My infamous 29th bday had me crying like a baby at a restaurant.  You would think I would be a bit better behaved after celebrating 29 so many times. I should back up in the day so I can explain that the tears were not only my own vanity.

The weaning of LO's meds have been ok but not great and we were closing in on the end of our first week of phase two and she has been getting more uncomfortable. We were coming home from a friend's house and she started crying a bit and then projectile vomiting and crying in pain. She was so sad that I started crying too. Such a helpless little thing who was so sad. I tried to blame it on being carsick but I knew that I had been seeing the other signs. Finally, while getting snooty service at a restaurant and contemplating the demise of my hotness over the years, I started crying like a crazy person. Thankfully, DH was fine with us leaving and we started talking about a lot of things.

Sometimes, I forget that I am not a single parent who should make all of the decisions. LO has a dad that loves her very much and cleaned up ALL the vomit in the car. We talked for awhile about LO and decided to go forward with the tests. I'm also going to go back to one of the original GI doctors to discuss the order and tests they suggest. So this morning I woke up resigned to the tests and being OLD. Your 30s are NOT your new 20s, they are exactly what they claim to be. The decade after your ass looked its best in booty shorts.

Lastly, you are wondering about the bounty of gifts, chocolate and riches.  My mom continues to be the most thoughtful gift giver sending me a box of my favorite cookies, expensive make-up and a gift card for more make-up and a beautiful antique bracelet with my birthstones.  I told DH that I bought a purse as my gift but then I returned it as I didn't like it.  I assumed that mass shopping was happening when he said he was going to play video games on Saturday but after a few years of being married, I have come to realize that men usually say exactly what they mean.  I did have a homemade card from DH and LO where I could have overlooked the nonsensical first line about the card being organic?? but the picture on the front threw me for a loop.

But all is well that ends well as we stopped by Giggles and Hugs on the way home from dinner this evening where DH volunteered to be the parent spotting LO on the play structure.  Ahhh, happy birthday to me sucka.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Sometimes I wonder how such a little body can hold up such big cheeks.  I dream of kissing these cheeks when I am away from her and I will mourn the eventual loss of cheeky goodness.  They accentuate her smiles and make my heart melt.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heard on the Streets

A collection of things that I have heard in the past week.

While dining at Grandpa Irv's residence

Old person: "Are you the mother of this child?"

Me: "Yes"

Old person: "I knew it! My whole table thought you and your husband were the grandparents."

LO at dinner

LO: "Mama, Ella and Gigi(the nanny)"

DH: "Who am I?"

LO: "You"

While buying diapers on my lunch break

Cashier: "Looks like your little one is keeping you up.  I remember those days, how old is she?"

Me: "Almost two"

Cashier: "Oh"

At work in an adjoining office

Officemate to 1-800 call center person:  "LISTEN YOUNG LADY"

My dad in a birthday email

"I can't believe my my little girl is a mother and not getting any younger."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vacation Saga

You know how I was going to the South of France with Kim K circa 06, I'm not.

Then I was going on a Caribbean cruise, I'm not.

DH's sister is getting married in their hometown of BFE on a Wednesday.  I only have so many vacation days and a limited amount of travel funds with our save for a new house plan.  SO the new plan was to rent a house in Cape Cod the week before the wedding except every single house looks like your grandma threw up in it.  Can we all get together and say that we will not decorate our rentals in Aztec and chintz patterns with excessive green linoleum? You are thinking, what does it matter you will be outside all day.  I am thinking that my obsessive, "Things are lurking in that pattern of crazy," will make me feel itchy and like teeth will be in the bed.  Have I mentioned that we were at a rental style house and there were TEETH on the dresser.  Not dentures, random rotting teeth with roots.  This was a good FIVE years ago and I am still NOT over it.  I am aiming low-key and easy for our vacation but not teeth low.

Whack Job Wednesday

I have mentioned that Wednesdays tend to be a bit crazy around these parts but I am never prepared when Wednesday comes around.  The day started at 4:30 AGAIN.  I feel like screaming, "Scream it out biatch," but restrained myself.  I may have muttered something like, "Let her figure it out."  DH got up a little scared and put her back to sleep and I fell asleep with my mouth open all the way almost in a frozen scream face. It was the best hour of sleep that I have gotten in weeks.  I fell asleep so deeply that I do believe the world could have ended around me.   I reluctantly got up when DH couldn't take anymore and a baby was on my pillow.  She tried out a few positions and then opted for her own bed.  I was woken after 15 minutes to "Up Mama, UP MAMA" and I could see her swinging a leg over the crib and the light on in her room over the monitor.  Some more curses may have been uttered and then we were all up like one big sleep deprived family.  A promise may have been made about never engaging in unprotected marital relations and we were into morning routines. 

I have no idea if the reflux is related to the early mornings or the cold but I am ready to sleep train again.  Unfortunately today marks day one of weaning off of LO's second set of medications.  This next round involves three, 5 day sessions.  So in 15 days we could be med free or scheduling our hospital tests--Yeah! So in 20 days, I will be sleep training her AGAIN either way.  I also see a crib tent in our future. 

I was running late which is peculiar given that I could start getting ready before dawn and ran into Maria who was rapid fire spewing slang Spanish and dancing at LO as she walked through the door.  While it may seem like a plus, to be raising her bilingual, I am not sure that this version of Spanish will be that helpful.  I have no doubt that her dancing will be multi-cultural.

LO gave me her cold which has been bringing me down about the big bday this weekend.  I am feeling a bit old and not pretty.  I have not been helping the situation as I cut a small hole in my hair while cutting out my gray hairs and part of my eyebrow was waxed off when I tried a drop in wax place.  I also gave in this weekend and let LO watch the Backyardigans on the iPad.  I just wanted to sleep a bit but the nanny CALLED ME OUT.  I was looking for Olivia something on the computer for her to watch and she found my search.  For the love of all that is holy, it was 20 minutes!! I could definitely see how technology is a slippery slope and parents could become addicted.  I have been avoiding the television as of late and trying to read more.  I am back into the library groove to go along with my new save money/buy a house plan.  I really enjoy reading the book reviews here and here and I fill up my library queue with some of these suggestions.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
Dr. Marina Singh, a research scientist with a Minnesota pharmaceutical company, is sent to Brazil to track down her former mentor, Dr. Annick Swenson, who seems to have all but disappeared in the Amazon while working on what is destined to be an extremely valuable new drug, the development of which has already cost the company a fortune.   I liked the book more than Bel Canto but less than the Magician's Assistant.  I thought it was an interesting and worthwhile read.  The relationship between the main character, Marina and her boss/lover was odd/not fully developed? It put a damper on the book or it went over my head.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz
This was my first attempt at YA since the Twilight series.  I am embarrassed to admit that I thought blogs were referring to the YA YA sister books for a LONG time before I figured out the genre young adult.  I like YA as I assume that the murder and horribleness doesn't need to go into every little gory detail but this book still dealt with some shite.  I liked the book but the ending left me wondering if there should have been a little more of a wrap-up. 

You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know
I was excited to read this memoir as the writer has face blindness LIKE ME.  She doesn't figure it out until her late 30s even though she doesn't even recognize her HUSBAND.   Thankfully, I recognize DH and the condition is not debilitating for me.  Her mother has paranoid schizophrenia and her father is a raging alcoholic.  At first, I wanted to scream at her that she was delusional because she doesn't recognize her parents for who they are as in CRAZY.  Then I let up on her a bit and realized that you wouldn't know any better if that is how you grew up.  I read it but wouldn't recommend it too highly.

Everyone up in my business as I make a
feeble attempt to sleep for five seconds.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weaning Week 1

This post is going to be one of my very boring chronicles of life with a toddler with acid reflux for my own records.  To sum it up--it sucks.  We are currently weaning LO off of the evening medications in an attempt to pronounce her healed and not do testing.  In a fun turn of events, we have also stopped all dairy to see if her face rash will continue to stay away.  We stopped the steroid cream two days ago and her face has been doing alright.  The no dairy has helped her in the pooping department--sweet!

At first, I didn't stop all dairy and I was noticing gas and gulping but that has subsided since we stopped.  The only issue seems to be the cold that she has developed which can sometimes worsen symptoms or be caused from the reflux.  A little game of chicken or egg, just for fun.  Are the cold symptoms from the acid reflux or is it the fake fruit that licked at the museum on Saturday?  She has been getting up very early as she can't breathe.  I also think that she is starving as she is taking in less calories with no milk. I am trying everything to get more protein in here.  My pediatrician wants us to try soy milk but I want to wait until we are done with the weaning so that an allergic reaction doesn't interfere and get interpreted as reflux.

She has been somewhat open to drinking carrot juice and eating chicken but I feel bad for the french fry and ice cream eating little one.   I know that the testing will be terrible but necessary so I am trying to stay open minded to either outcome of our month long experiment.  Tonight is our last night of the reduced nighttime meds and then a week off of all night meds.  Don't worry, I will keep you posted on our month long wean.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I held a fresh from the oven newborn baby today.  I went into the hospital expecting to leave with baby fever as in GIMME YOUR BABY RIGHT NOW.  The baby was beautiful, lovely, little, squishy and adorable.  She slept the entire time and was snuggly.  She didn't hit my face when I tried to kiss her or refuse hugs.  She didn't pretend like she forgot how to walk or draw on the wall.  I could have easily slipped her into a carrier and walked for hours or shopped or lunched or napped.  I have often thought back to the newborn times as the BEST times.   Here is the crazy part y'all--I didn't feel the fever.  I am really enjoying each age and I love them all because it is always new.  LO has become a master at naked headstands and it is ridiculously funny.  Will it be funny the second time around?

I want a second baby because I want two children but I am feeling a bit worried on the logistics of this idea.  How do you enjoy all of the first times when you have a second kid? What if they both start vomiting at the same time? DH travels so much, how does that work at bedtime? I am able to take care of everything with one kid and DH can do his thing with very little grumble from me on sharing responsibilities.  You add another kid and that party is over.  We had an impromptu date night on Friday night and we discussed more kids.  I don't think either of us is ready at this point but time marches on.  When I say time, I mean my old age.  My dream would be to raise them one at a time and have a surrogate and a night nurse and a chef and a full time maid.  With all of that help, I would go for three.  How do you handle multiple kids?

Old People Heart Little People, No?

I was feeling a bit gripey yesterday with the five day work week and starting a DIET but it is a three day weekend!! I have never worked for a company that observed MLK day and I am super excited.  I also booked a trip to Carmel with my oldest bestie to celebrate our birthdays over President's Day weekend.  I am going to take an additional two days off and we are going to hang and eat and wear sweats.  So my gripey grumbling has dissipated. 

The weekend was a bit of a bummer as DH left for Denver and ended up having trouble with his eye again.  So he was miserable and in a lot of pain and I was alone feeling a bit sad. I usually don't mind when DH is traveling but I was out of sorts.  I went to a birthday dinner for Grandpa Irvs' friend on Saturday night and saw my cousins which was fun and then to Costco with Gpa on Sunday. 

Grandpa Irv was not that impressed with LO's behavior at dinner on Sunday night.   He said that she was acting like a two year old and there was a lot of grumbling from him about her refusal to sit in her seat.  I took his comments wayyyyyy too personally.  She is a really well behaved toddler most of the time and she wasn't acting out but she is a toddler who can talk.  At least he didn't hear her tell some of the residents that she had pooped.  My dad always told me that kids are awesome until they start talking.   I think the talking is helpful and she has such a sweet voice but I may be a bit biased.  I realize that he was not insinuating that I am a terrible parent that can't control my child but hot damn, that is how I felt.  I heard one of the other diners say that she was loud but half of the people can't hear and talk loudly too.  I thought old people loved children?!?!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Haps from the Hood

School Days
Oh my, oh my.  That is all I can say for the latest group of kids that have cropped up at school.  The devil child has left and all of the kids seem very sweet but one of the mothers is a wackadoodle.  There are seriously no words.  She started off by raising an extremely controversial subject and then declared what side she was on in her INTRODUCTION.

GI Fun
LO and I went to see the GI doctor or his other nickname, Dr. I Don't Know or his new name, Dr. Doomsday.  He decided to go over the tests that await LO if she can't kick the meds before her second birthday as it will be full steam ahead.  So his great plan is to cut out dairy and the meds over the next month.  What is she going to eat is my big question? He also got upset about her only egg yolk eating ways.  I have a call into her pediatrician to discuss but today was day one as her skin around her mouth is really inflamed and we need to figure it all out. 

The majority of LO's friends are from mommy and me which means all of the kids have parties at the same time.  This leads to forward planning of staking weekends for each child. We have our date scheduled, March 31, for all who wish to attend.  I was planning on going low key for her b-day and my b-day and then going to the South of France to celebrate in May.  Do you like how I slipped that in there? DH has to be in Paris for work in May and we were thinking of joining him.  Somehow I decided that we should go to the French Riviera as I have never been and then I tried to plan and the South of France is expensive, crazy expensive.  DH heard my plan and is now encouraging me to plan a party for LO's birthday and skip the trip to France.  Hmmmmmmm.  He claims that he misunderstood my party plans and feels a party is appropriate as long as there are no horses.

The whole France thing really conflicts with our savings plan to buy a new house.  I have been feeling like it will NEVER happen as of late.  The amount needed to put down on a house is the issue as the payments are fine but the large down payment makes me nervous.  DH and I have also decided that buying a crack house is probably not an option so we are trying to find a house that doesn't need a ton of work.  I have identified another house that I like but I am feeling frustrated.  I talked to DH about waiting another year and he looked at me like I was insane.  These talks always lead to the question of leaving Los Angeles. Should we stay or should we go? I love LA and we are close to family and lots of friends but the prices and people are crazytown.

Re-entry has not been that painful. LO is happy to be back to her routine and I am happy to be back at mine.  DH is traveling non-stop and we are sad for him to be gone but I want to clean out a lot of crap and that is easier when I am alone. 

Question of the Day
So my post holiday weigh-in revealed that I needed to lose five pounds as the holiday cookies really added to my bottom line BUT I bought a new scale that arrived last night and this scale says that I am four pounds skinnier.  SO my question, does that mean I only need to lose one pound?  What happened to those four pounds?

How is week one??

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New York, New York

We survived the traveling holidays and only pissed off  a few EMOs on the plane.  Upstate New York was not that bad as I found a little corner next to a space heater and read many a books.  My MIL baked a crazy number of cookies which I took as my personal job to eat.  I kept trying to find something for us all to DO but beyond hitting the local Walmart there was NOTHING so I ate and read.  

DH's family did their thing and I feel after being together nine years, I am past the point of trying to impress.  I bore a child and all attention should be focused on said child and DH.  I am an "in-law" who has given a child and therefore given the pass to eat, read and drink in peace while eating my weight in cookies.  LO got a 10 hour stomach flu on Christmas Eve night which really just sucked.  She vomited every 20 minutes for 10 hours so DH and I just walked around looking like zombies. Then we all passed out for 12 hours straight in a full bed and woke up like new people.  She passed on her stomach bug to a few other family members but not DH and I--hahahaha suckers!  No, I do feel bad about that one but not like horrible.

Then we hit Manhattan and I got that itchy I have MAPPED OUT everything and we need to leave this instant for the FUN to begin.  We had a great time in the city and did a lot of fun stuff uptown and downtown. LO was not big on Manhattan and had a few breakdowns concerning the number of people in her close proximity and the cold.  We broke down and bribed her with a paci for all of the outside walking.
She did enjoy the Top of the Rock tour and eating at the Plaza Hotel.  She gave a quick, wild, loud run across the lobby at the Plaza just for good Eloise type fun.

She also enjoyed the bathtub at the hotel.

 Lastly, in picture documentation, I just couldn't resist.
Overall, it was a great holiday and I am really glad that we added in the trip to Manhattan. We came back a few days early for a baby new year's eve party and some general park and relaxation.  I am ever so thankful for the nice weather in So CA.  Today is my first day back at work and LO was overjoyed to see her nanny and I was not sad to go to the office.  I feel refreshed and ready to book the next vacation.  The time change going east is awesome so maybe a house on the eastern shore in the Summer? Is that what it is called? Any suggestions on places?

Toy Review

Hiyo, I am also reviewing some toys as the NUMBER ONE thing you are thinking about is buying more junk for your kids.  LO received a lot of great gifts, which Mommy and Daddy didn't buy her, as she pretty much thought our gifts sucked.  I have only listed a few gifts below.

Feelings Flashcards are so awesome and she likes them.  My only gripe is that there is no "frustrated" card.  Not all of them are relevant right now but I really dig them. 
The castle turned out to be a big hit.  Although, there was a lot of insisting that I sit inside the castle which I didn't find conducive to my wine and cookie scarfing.

I hate to put another flashcard set on here as I am not really a fan of flashcards used in a traditional quiz the child way but I really like the animals on this set.  They are big cards and fun to look at.  Um, she doesn't really love these but I like them a lot.  This was a mommy and daddy gift.

Another favorite for toys was this big blue dog which she puts away when she is done using it, so I can't really complain about its size.

Lastly, we bought her this bottle, paci, bib set for dolls at FAO in NYC and she is very good about feeding her baby and dolls.  She has to give the bottle a swig every time just to make sure that none of the good stuff is coming out of the bottle and I ditched the small paci as she was using it.

Things that were not received that she would have liked but I am not buying.

She freaks out every time she sees this car.   Why is this car so appealing to all small people??

This pram was at FAO Schwartz and she walked it around the store and screamed bloody murder when we took it away.  I plan to buy her some sort of baby stroller for her birthday but this one is a bit much.

Bookie Review

Hiyo! I am back and I read some books while I was away.

I decided to go all out on the the Kate Horton books as I enjoyed The Forgotten Garden so much with The Distant Hours and The House at Riverton.  The other books were the same format of writing, jumping between present day and the old days and mythical houses with dark secrets.  All three of the books are good but I don't suggest reading them so close together as you start to see the repetitive patterns of her writing.

Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand is like if Madoff's wife knew nothing about her husband's business and then the cops came and arrested him and she had no where to go or money and her husband refused to speak to her.  I am not saying Madoff's wife knew or didn't know but imagine if she didn't and what a rude surprise.  I picked this book up in the airport and really enjoyed it.

The Kingdom of Childhood by Rebecca Coleman is probably one of my least favorite book that I read over the holidays.  The main character is really hard to relate to or like.  She starts out somewhat alright and then starts an affair with a high school student and it just goes downhill from there.  The most interesting part to me was the glimpse at the Waldorf education system.  I have no idea if what she narrates is true but I will be investigating.  I had always thought that a Waldorf school aligned with my no technology while fostering activities like gardening and reusing items from nature but I am not into the fairies and gnomes.

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close was a really great funny read about what happens after college.  The book follows several different girls as they try and find career and life paths while trudging to endless bridal showers and weddings.  I believe in the quarter life crisis as I definitely experienced the what am I going to do with the REST of my life.  I also have to say that the first person's wedding after college is a ridiculous shite show no matter what.   My advice to everyone is not to be the first to get married.

The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly was a quick buy from a sundry shop before getting on the plane home and it was fine.  Not really that great but something to read on a plane when LO wasn't kicking me or pulling my hair.  It was part of the Lincoln Lawyer series which was a movie that Matthew McConaughey was recently in? I never saw the movie but I vaguely remember an image of him sitting on a car in the ads. Meh.