Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Night

We took a break from taping packing to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah over here.

We opened cards with gelt from Grandma which pleases LO to no end.  Peeps do not believe that sending LO $5 in a card will excite her but she loves it.  She saved up her money over the past few months and bought a large rubber ducky (Mommy duck) and a small rubber ducky (baby duck) featured in the pic below the money eyes shot. Getting to sleep with her is pretty much the highest honor bestowed on any item.  She only had a dollar left and the blue frisbee that she had been eyeing was three dollars so she was pretty excited.  I have stopped the "throw it in the basket" attitude hoping to slow down the gluttony so this little exercise has proved quite useful.  I don't pretend that she is learning anything about money but it gives a better reason than "because" when she wants something that is really useless. 

 Stickers in cards is pretty genius and a close second to $5.
Then we opened up the Mommy & Daddy gift.  Don't judge my penguin wrapping paper as every place was SOLD OUT of Hanukkah paper.  Or that the menorah is backwards.
I didn't notice the 6+ for the walkie talkies but she loves them.  DH tried to go upstairs to talk to her but she just followed so really you don't have to put batteries in them.
We are opening up a small gift a night over here and lighting our wood menorah.