Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can You Kiss Structures?

The long awaited and dreaded day arrived yesterday and we packed up our old house and moved our crap precious possessions into the garage of our new house.  I love the new house so much that I want to french kiss it or not move into it.  I may just want to visit it and walk quietly in socks and stare at its beauty.   It is hard to believe how much damn WORK went into getting our house ready to sell, selling it, buying a new house after FIVE attempts, renovating, PACKING and finally moving.  We have so more stuff to do like final walk through on the old house and ya know FINISHING the new house and unpacking but it feels like we are so close to the finish line.  I started the day after I stopped working and it is ALMOST done.  I gave myself until January to then start looking for some sort of part time bizness but I'm not ready.  Also, LO has ummm hmmmmm yeah not separated from me at school.  So my first priority is finishing the house and getting organized and setting a new routine.

Everything has been so crazy that there hasn't been much of a schedule and LO has been feeling very attached.  We are staying in a hotel/traveling until the house is ready and she screamed at us at 9pm, "THIS ISN'T WORKING FOR ME!!" So there is that.  She has been coming up with some doozies lately in the whole non-stop talking arena.  While I was trying to help her put on socks, "I CAN DO IT MYSELF, SMARTIE."  Smartie?! Really? After talking to herself in the car non-stop for 30 minutes, "Mommy, I am so tired of talking." I don't know maybe just stop talking if it makes you tired.  When we visited my dermatologist, "I have a REAL doctor." A real doctor??

A few other things we have done.

Cookie Decorating at our Annual Mommy & Me holiday party

Sitting on furniture outside as you do in December

A shot of the big girl bed