Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why This Feels Like The Movie

Remember when Tom Hanks can't get anyone to work on his house and it is all very big pile of crap everywhere?? We now have three people working on the house and not a crew and it is all making me feel very NERVOUS that we have to move in less than three weeks and we are lacking floors, paint, lighting and a bathroom.  I am ok with the lack of a kitchen but there is a huge hole in the kitchen "floor" so we are back to just dirt in there.  LO straight out refuses to go in the house and even the workers are beginning to feel my stress.  I know that we will not have a kitchen and possibly no bath when we move in and that is ALL FINE BUT get some FLOORS for the love of all that is holy.

In other news, LO has started telling me that I am Rapunzel and then starts combing my hair and singing, "Let Your Power Shine." I seem to be illiterate and missed a letter in the title.

Obvs a genius in this video when she READS.