Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monkey Fools

I am laughing at my October 17 self when I said that the house was a go after one more inspection.  HAHAHAHA self! Fool, you don't even know how drama it will get.  The house is a real GO now and we are negotiating to stay in our current home as LONG as possible.  We seem to live in some alternate reality as we might have to move in two weeks and not a single box or tape roll has been purchased.  We have been caught up in the drama of the new house and kind of ignored our current house which we need to vacate.  I envision us casually hanging out when the new owner comes walking through the door with all of his stuff.

The usual stuff has been happening as well.  LO goes to school three days a week for two hours and is loving it sooooooo much.  Separation took a long time but happened so naturally that it was all worth it.  I still stay with her until they go outside but I do leave for a bit and there is no clinging to me with a death grip.  She has a major crush on her teacher and talks about her all the damn time.

Halloween happened.  LO told me tonight that she was NOT dressing up next year and I believe her.   She didn't want to wear her costume and when I offered for her to wear her doctor coat even though we had family costumes, she was not into it.  She hasn't asked about her candy once and wasn't interested after a few raisins and M&Ms.  The kids could wear their costumes to school today and she looked at me like I was crazy when I told her that she could.

LO to DH, I will cut you if you put that hat on me again.
I am wearing this costume but you will pay in M&Ms later.
MOM, all my friends have cool Disney costumes
and you dressed me as a fake Curious George.  Get a clue.
LO has been really killing it with the phrases lately.  A few of my favorites that she has said to me:

"You have TWO choices, NOT go home OR NOT take a nap."

"You have GOT to be kidding me."

"I am MAD because you are NOT MAD."


"On second thought.........on second thought........." silence

"First, I am going to stick this in your mouth and then look in your ear."

"I changed my diaper, the poop is over there."

"I drew you a picture on my crib."

We celebrated Mama Cat's birthday tonight by LO yelling at her and eating some M&Ms.  I think she really appreciated all the effort.