Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Money Pit

The contractor has been really great with demolition as in OMG, we have gutted our house.  There is not a single room that is not being touched.  This project started as a few essentials fixes such as leaks, refinishing the floors and some new cabinets for the kitchen and HOLY HELL we have gutted the house.  Part of me wants to tell everyone to STOP and leave and let me curl up in a ball with my shell of a house as it IS ALL TOO MUCH.  I have NO JOB PEOPLE.  PLEASE STOP!!! I will mention something and five minutes later I will turn around and there is another GAPING HOLE in the house.  He is fabulous but quick with the sledgehammer.

Well there is one room that is not being touched and that is the main bathroom/guest bathroom.  The bathroom could look like we were trying to make it nice and took a wrong turn somewhere with stained nasty ass seashell pink cabinets and horrible tile and flooring options.  What does one do? I was trying to come up with a low cost solution but it turns out I need a NO COST solution so one of my fab friends suggested we just go the opposite and decorate it terrible.  So it would be better if the bathroom was 50's or 70s but it is terrible 80s bathroom with brass/shiny silver.  How do you go 80s crazy?! A few Nagels floating in the bathroom? Your MC Hammer pants drying in the shower? A puffy toilet?

I am so grateful that we finally have a house but 12 hours into the project and I was already holding myself and rocking back and forth.  We move in whether the project is done or not on December 16.  I should keep a packed box tally.  ZERO.