Tuesday, November 6, 2012


IMHO, parenthood is all about scary ass realizations in between lots of love and some frustrations.  The moment when you hear the baby's heartbeat, IT'S ALIVE.  The moment when the baby is born, IT LIVES.  When you realize that your baby responds to you, IT UNDERSTANDS.  After your baby starts crawling, IT'S MOBILE.  And then when they start talking, IT COMMUNICATES AND WILL NOT STOP TALKING.  And the latest scary moment, IT ESCAPES.

LO has started escaping from her crib and I am sooooo sad especially when she wakes up at 5 am and helps herself to some cream cheese in the refrigerator. WHYYYYYYY??? GET BACK IN BED! After a few days of waking me up and me telling her to go back to bed, she has decided to stealth roam the house.  I don't want to scream get back in your cage crib but get back in your damn bed.  The real problem is that she usually wakes up early and will go back to sleep until a normal hour as she knows that I am not getting her out of her crib until a decent hour.  NOW she gets out of bed and falls apart most of the day.  Forget naps as she just played in her crib and eventually fell asleep but mostly just played for a bit.  Now she hops out and checks to see what I am doing.

I think that she would get really mad about a crib tent and I have picked out the CUTEST bed evah but how do I stop the roaming around for the love of all that is holy.  Also, my comments are NOT working! WHY??? Anyone with an ounce of knowledge is appreciated.  DM me on Twitter or email me through the Blathering stuff.