Monday, November 12, 2012


A lot of times I get angry with DH for running late but I tend to run late as well.  I am infuriated when I manage to be on time and he is late.  I was running late this morning to meet the contractor so I told him to go inside at 8:13 as we were meeting at 8:15 and I realized that I would be ten minutes late.  When we showed up at 8:28, there were two large holes in the house in the front and one large hole in the back that was unplanned.  For the love of all that is holy, it was crazy.   There were 20 men with sledgehammers ripping up the floors and tearing apart the kitchen.  That was all planned but so shocking and loud.   I had mentioned to DH that we should maybe mention something to the neighbors and he said that it wouldn't be loud as it was interior work.  WOW.  It was really loud and a ton of guys with masks on.  LO freaked out so I only managed a few pictures.  I am sure all of our new neighbors appreciated it on a freaking holiday Monday.  Sorry, dudes.

Late 80s fabulous

Oh hey, that is a big gaping hole to the backyard.