Wednesday, November 7, 2012


LO loves school soooo much and I am in love with her school sooooo much that I would marry the school if possible.   The teachers are so amazing, the staff is fantastic and it is all just so unbelievably great. I have learned a TON as well and their philosophies make sense to me.  The ratio is three students to one teacher and some days 2:1.  Our area is overrun with different styles and I was really desperate to find a school that was developmental with rules and a little discipline.   I think kids should not be allowed to hit each other in the name of some jank ass credo.  Anyway, LO talks about her school friends and teachers pretty much non-stop.  I have also been leaving for longer periods of time so she has to be a titch more independent and stand up for herself.   The school has a rule that kids don't have to share if they are playing with a toy and want to play alone so they can say, "It's my turn."  This leads to way more voluntary sharing which seems so genius in hindsight instead of constantly telling a kid "to share."

LO started to get a little sad today and miss me so her teacher gave her a hug and she wanted to be held which is CRAY as LO never wants to be held.  So they took out the "good-bye story" which is some little dolls and toys and they act out saying goodbye to your mommy and then mommy comes back in the story.   So LO was acting out the good-bye story and another child wanted it.  The rest of this story is according to her.  I find it hard to believe as she tends to back away from conflict or when a kid gets too close but she said, "I told him to back away.  Then I told him to GO HOME (dramatic pause) AND EAT BREAKFAST WITH HIS MOMMY(dramatic pause) AND DADDY." I almost peed myself trying not to laugh.  If that isn't the most awesome made up burn story from a two year old, I don't know.  Also, the child's name is "Go," so it gets a bit confusing on if she means the kid or the action.  She has been really talking about people being mad lately and trying to understand the emotion.  So far, it has been limited to yelling at me that, "I am mad," with no real reason.

The other funny part was that when the teacher thanked her for letting her hug her and help her, LO told her, "I love my mommy." Just so there was no confusion.  After school, we headed to Pottery Barn  Kids so I could live out my dreams with a big girl bed and bedding for her.  She was not into it but she picked out her sheets and the bed is being delivered.  Yipppeeee.

She also teased me by trying on these awesome shoes but then refused to wear them.  I die.