Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I didn't want to bring up that we bid on a FIFTH HOUSE as it seems really not worth mentioning at this point.  BUT then they accepted our offer and our house went into escrow and after signing away a hundred trees, we are in DOUBLE ESCROW.  "Oh isn't that great!" NOOOOO, our lives are a HOUSE OF CARDS.  One snag and this whole space ship blows up.  Not really but it is hard not to imagine some worst case scenarios playing out.  We will close on the new house on November 1 and our current house would close November 11.  So ten days to refinish the floors, paint and move in.  Everyone from the realtor to our financial planner has had to talk me back from the ledge. SO MUCH MONEY, SO MANY WAYS EVERYTHING CAN GO SIDEWAYS, SO MUCH CACTUS IN THE NEW YARD.  

Also, everything could go fabulous and we could have a NEW HOME that actually has a stove and dishwasher.  The house has been updated so it is no longer a Spanish charmer but more of a 90s sitcom but air conditioning, updated electrical and plumbing which supposedly I should care about.  I seem to be handling the stress well but I can't speak for others in this house.  

I have already mapped out party flow at the new house as soon as I can get it together sell my body to do some updates and buy furniture.  But it is a HOUSE and I am hoping to sign up for one of those shows where they come in and remodel your kitchen for free.  Yipppeee or get a reality show like Honey Boo Boo.  The elementary school is top notch and the neighborhood has sidewalks.  

To keep from hitting the bottle or eating away my stress, I have been engaging in some reading.  I read the Bright, Young Things series which was entertaining but not as good as the Luxe series.  I also read All Fall Down about cult survivors which should have been GREAT but was just ok.  The main appeal was that my library had it for loan on the Kindle.  I also read Mini-Shopaholic for the same library loan reason and I want those hours back from my life. 

Lastly, I feel that we have let you down on the Halloween front.  We have costumes but I have been a bit preoccupied so I am not hitting the Halloween drum as loudly this year.  LO is going to be Curious George, DH is going to be the Man with the Yellow Hat, I am going to Chef Pisghetti and Mama Cat is going to be Gnocchi.  Baby cat is going to be an angry black cat that hides under the couch.