Sunday, September 2, 2012

Am I Still A Blogger If I NEVER Blog?

Hey, it's me and I am still alive.  Barely.  We finished everything on the house and then hightailed it to Sacramento so that we could keep the house clean and fresh and DAMN the person that forgot to water my newly planted backyard (planted on the hottest day of the YEAR) while we were away.
Backyard planter before it died 
I was like a crazy person before we left trying to make it all so PERFECT but I figured that I could drive to Sac and rest for a week.  Hmmmm that did NOT happen as there was SO MUCH FUN to be had and people to visit and wine to be tasted.
LO loved playing with her cousins except when they tried to hug her
Berry picking with Mikey
LO titled this scene as "Two guys in a wagon."
My partner in wine crime and gut rot
We had a great time but I was a walking zombie by the time we returned and felt sooooooo tired.  LO pretty much NEVER slept while we were away MAYBE due to the smallness of the Baby Bjorn travel crib so I didn't sleep that well.  
Sometimes when you are sleep deprived, you just go with it.
I don't even know what happened here as my dad doesn't play the guitar.
LO slept a grand total of ZERO minutes during the 13 hours in the car.  
She is also going through some major separation anxiety which is understandable given all the changes.  But hot damn, sometimes a GIRL needs to use the bathroom without holding a TWO YEAR OLD.  I am sure that every person that stops working goes through a period of getting crap done that has been piling up for YEARS and then everything adjusts, RIGHT? If not, I am going back to work.  Just kidding as being with LO is SOOOOO awesome.  She drew me a picture today and on the SAME sheet of paper was a street, balcony, car seat, moose and MADONNA.  What more could a gal ask for?

K sent me the most awesome card which made me more excited for New Orleans as I have been feeling a bit nervous about going.  Far flight, away from LO, house issues, oh my!