Thursday, August 16, 2012

Checking In from the Crazy Side

Are you thinking that I am going to be one of those SAHM moms that never blogs and is all, "hey catch me on Twitter yo?" Nope cuz my arse is too lazy for Twitter and I feel socially awkward on it.  We are putting our house on the market and it is causing me great angst.  This place has to be painted (LO's shopping carts), recarpeted (damn u reflux) and thinned out (get rid of the plastic crap everywhere yo).  That will be a breeze with a nanny and contractor to help.  Oh, i have to do it. Shite.  Huh, seems ok except when u take a 2 year old to the paint store.  "LO only take one paint chip at a time and then put it back and take another, ok?" "yes." "LO where are ALL the bottom three rows of paint chips?" "I threw them in the trash."  

We also put an offer in on a house. Hmmm, sounds so familiar that I don't even think about it.  I DOUBT we will get it.  

Everyone keeps asking what we are going to do when we sell this house. I have NO idea because a large part of me thinks we will NEVER sell this place so why worry about it? The other part is seeing a gypsy life of couch hopping.  Got some room for the FIVE of us? 

There is about a billion other things going on but LO drew me a picture of a "dog in an apartment" yesterday and it was all worth it. Kinda.