Monday, July 9, 2012


Checking in from vaca. We are in Cape Cod and I am loving the area. We rented a house and it is so cute. Today we were in Provincetown for lunch and exploring. It also happened to be Bear Week which made it extra awesome when DH was referred to as a little cub. LO has started "dancing like donna" (Madonna) and yelling out the words to " Give me all your loving," pretty much non-stop. The Cape has fulfilled all of my Kennedy-esque dreams. Although, DH did ask me to stop referring to Hyannis as hi-anus. Prior to Cape Cod we were in New York for my SIL's wedding where LO danced for hours to the point of one little girl asking her to be careful with "her crazy dancing." When asked her age by another little kid LO told her, "two almost three." What?! Not even close lady. I'm loving all of the time with LO as she has been killing me with her personality. The whole not working has been pretty great too.