Monday, July 16, 2012

New York

Bam, I'm back from vaca and let me tell you it was a time and a half.  We went to New York for my SIL's wedding.  It was hot.  I may have told everyone that would listen that it was "Africa hot," but no one seemed to believe me.  I came up with the genius idea to buy LO an inflatable pool and that provided hours of entertainment.

It was a fantastic idea until it came time for the party the night before the wedding and I looked over and she was "just washing her hands," while laying in the pool.
The wedding was it in a blazing hot beautiful area.  LO decided to go for a closer look during the ceremony and stood near DH's sister quietly UNTIL she started taking off her dress.  Fun times.
She was pretty forlorn at the reception and sat by herself in the middle of the walkway eating and gazing into the distance.
Until she met a four year old and they were like, "Let's be BFFs FOREVER."

They danced the entire night while the other 100 people looked on and NEVER danced.  I tried to get out there and LO gave me the "off the dance floor old lady," look/gesture.
It was almost a scene out of Footloose as the little girl told me that she was concerned about LO's crazy dancing and didn't want anyone to get hurt.

DH also attempted a dance but she wasn't having it.  I like that LO and his sister both do the pretend run when they dance.

The next day we escaped the heat to fly to Cape Cod.  I will torture you with that part tomorrow.