Thursday, July 19, 2012


Before I left for the big MILfest I was feeling a bit low and had that, what will become of us, vibe.  Lots of cool, great stuff was happening but I felt too blech to write about them.  Stress mixed with drowsiness mixed with job issues.  So a few things:

LO and I took DH to see Madagascar 3 for Father's Day as those are his fav movies.  It was also LO's first movie.  I was at a loss of how to explain what we were going to do.  Eat popcorn, sit in a chair and   watch a movie.  What is a movie? Then there were so many inappropriate commercials before the movie started.  Eat crap, buy plastic crap and say stupid stuff to your parents??!! What is all that?  Overall, she did pretty well considering I have never seen her sit down and watch something longer than 15 minutes unless she was ill.

We also tried out a few ballet classes.  The classes are awesome as they are drop in classes and you only pay if you go.  LO loves to dance so I thought it would be a big hit but she is more FAME and they are more stand on the blue line.  I took LO with my mommy group friends on a Saturday and it was pretty tame and fun.  DH and I went on the Tuesday before we left and HOLY GUACAMOLE the group was everything I FEAR about staying home.   Old women trying to look young exposing too many weird looking body parts and weaves.  So the two outfits, leggings and ballet shoes may have been for nothing as I have no desire to hang with those freak-a-leaks and LO needs some more galloping.  This vid has all the normalish peeps in it.

I have been on an English aristocracy book reading kick lately.  I attribute the passion due to my longing for Downton Abbey.  Is it time to fly to England yet for the season?

Snobs, oh my.  Great light summer read from the creator of DOWNTON ABBEY!

The American Heiress highlights the rich Americans plight to gain entry into "titles" by marrying their daughters off to Dukes and Princes in exchange for money to repair old castles and properties.  I liked it.

The Luxe was probably my least favorite in this niche reading segment but I kept at it.  The dress on the front was enough to keep me going.

The last book that I read was Maine which veered from my original target but was worth a read.  I was a bit confused at the end but I learned about worm poop--always helpful!