Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dance NOW Monkey

This is what LO has been doing while I am working.  Yeah, I told you she was an awesome choice to look after LO. 

I really have to give BIG PROPS to all the moms who drop off and pick up their kids.  I didn't realize how it adds to the day.  I like that LO is not at the house all day and I like leaving with her in the morning BUT HOT damn if the drive home is not a tidge screamy and demanding.  Jen is taking amazing care of LO and she is playing with another awesome kid and doing all sorts of fun activities but no one has cleaned up breakfast when I get home from work.  Yesterday, LO screamed at me to "DANCE" the entire car ride home and I really didn't feel like dancing for the love of all that is HOLY. 

We also had an interesting conversation about whether Poppy bought the stuffed horse he gave her from Target.  Apparently, EVERYTHING awesome comes from Target.  I couldn't agree with her more.