Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cape Cod

Cape Cod was so quaint and pretty and soooo many WASPy type characters running around.  It was like Lilly Pulitzer threw up all over the place.  We adapted quickly and tried to blend in with the locals. When that failed, we headed to Provincetown to hang with the bears who took an instant liking to DH. Rawr.
 We also had some poor college girl take us up a hill cuz our lazy asses were too hot.
We climbed this monument for some great views of the area while LO tried to persuade a small rabbit to play with her.

We spent some time at the beach and some quality pool time while adding to our inflatable plastic object collection.

We took time out from all of the quality water time to hit up the Zooquarium which looked janky from the outside but proved to be a big hit.

There was probably more together time than LO would have liked.

 Stop taking pictures and leave me to drawing on the carpet.

My MIL and husband joined us on Cape Cod no comment, no comment, no comment.  Here I am trying to ignore LO showing off her "gina" to her.  She also told my MIL to get out of the house.  Hmmmmmmm, perplexing on where she would hear that. 
On the way to the airport we stopped to see Plymouth Rock.  Annnnndddd there it is.  
LO proved to be truly hilarious most of the trip which was great as that iPad let me down BIG time.  Observe the distraction that lasted 15 minutes over the ENTIRE plane trip.
I am sure that I left a few things out like LO and DH riding a tractor.
Or LO's Nicki Minaj/Madonna impression

Or that we actually took a somewhat decent family picture

We say this all the time but we may actually go back to Cape Cod again.