Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Plans

What to DO with all this time? I haven't stopped working yet but peeps have been asking what I plan to DO once I am no longer working.  Somehow taking care of a two-year old from morning till night doesn't seem to qualify as a plan.  So in ADDITION to taking care of my child, I have been throwing around some ideas in my head.  I am NOT making any working related/part time consulting plans until I have fully absorbed the not working element and found my groove.  We are going to put our condo on the market and that is going to consume pretty much every ounce of my being.  The place is a wreck.  As soon as the condo is presentable, I will take LO to Sacramento to preserve the clean element. Then we will need a place to live and move.  Talk about glamorous--I can't wait!  We also have a storage unit that needs to be tackled.   I would love to find a house to buy but we may rent for awhile and that is cool with me. 

Other than the whole stressful MOVING problem, I am going to keep plans simple for LO and me. These are some of my IDEAS. I am planning on postponing any real preschool for another year so a few of these are "educational."

Buy an old typewriter for LO, she likes pounding away on keyboards why not show her a little cause and effect and letters.  Let me know if you have one and your kids enjoy it.

Spanish immersion classes for LO and me.  She was really doing well with the nanny and I think that we would both benefit.

Toddler ball in the Fall at the YMCA.  OH YES.

Child Trade on cleaning days.  I have propositioned Jen to take LO on the days that Maria visits and I will take her child on days that her cleaning lady visits.  A break from kids and a clean house. 

Dance classes.  We are going to try ballet a few more times and then go for Jazz or Snazzy hands class.  More music and more movement.  When you have the funk like LO, you can't be contained.  Sorry, Anna Pavlova.

Art.  I would like to do a big project with LO like paint some furniture or a mural.  This is the kind of project that will make DH crazy.  Some whack ass paint job on something.  Sounds awesome to me.  I may start smaller and work on a photo album project that I have been meaning to do for a bit.   She loves looking at pics of her friends so I am going to make a book with her. 

I also want to research all of the kid days and activities at the local museums. 

Anything that I am missing?  I intentionally left off the LA zoo as that place needs to NOT be on the side of a mountain before I visit again.