Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And Then I Quit My Job

Our nanny had an unfortunate accident as we were leaving for vacation proving my no exercise=happiness theory.  She was running the stairs which is the THING to do in Santa Monica and fainted.  I would rather be pecked by a thousand baby birds but peeps are into it.  SO she fell down the stairs and messed her business up with a broken leg and ankle and some other business on her other leg.  She is down for the count for a good ol' long time.  I had been rolling around in my teeny brain a part time job idea or trying to gain more flexibility or just plain quitting.  My job pressure had been ramping up while DH travels were taking him farther away for longer periods of time.

We came back from vaca and I quit.  I thought about listing out the reasons of why I was quitting but it came down to me wanting this last year at home with LO and not having the flexibility I needed to manage my family.  When I was laid off last year, my ego took a bruising even though I knew it was coming and I really wanted to broaden my resume.  I thought finance would be the way to go and I have learned A LOT but I was a teeny bit bored.  I feel like I really played it safe when I maybe could have used the time to try something else.  So I am taking a break to be with LO and figure out the next step.  I love marketing and working with most people (not the douchebags or biatches) and I hope that I am able to carve out a little marketing consulting world for myself.

I have had a lot of support and good suggestions and I know that it will take work and time but in the interim I get to spend a lot of time with this crazy kid.
I am giving this whole SAHM thang a try and hope that we don't end up destitute or the subject of a made for TV movie.  While I am finishing up work, this awesome and kind lady is watching LO and teaching her about nature and stuff.  I feel really lucky that my Mommy & Me group has stuck together.  They consistently teach me ways to be a better mom AND where to sign up for awesome stuff like ballet.
P.S. The little stinker is potty training herself despite my efforts to encourage diapers until 3.  In my opinion, we should bring back the diaper for everyone.