Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dance NOW Monkey

This is what LO has been doing while I am working.  Yeah, I told you she was an awesome choice to look after LO. 

I really have to give BIG PROPS to all the moms who drop off and pick up their kids.  I didn't realize how it adds to the day.  I like that LO is not at the house all day and I like leaving with her in the morning BUT HOT damn if the drive home is not a tidge screamy and demanding.  Jen is taking amazing care of LO and she is playing with another awesome kid and doing all sorts of fun activities but no one has cleaned up breakfast when I get home from work.  Yesterday, LO screamed at me to "DANCE" the entire car ride home and I really didn't feel like dancing for the love of all that is HOLY. 

We also had an interesting conversation about whether Poppy bought the stuffed horse he gave her from Target.  Apparently, EVERYTHING awesome comes from Target.  I couldn't agree with her more.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Plans

What to DO with all this time? I haven't stopped working yet but peeps have been asking what I plan to DO once I am no longer working.  Somehow taking care of a two-year old from morning till night doesn't seem to qualify as a plan.  So in ADDITION to taking care of my child, I have been throwing around some ideas in my head.  I am NOT making any working related/part time consulting plans until I have fully absorbed the not working element and found my groove.  We are going to put our condo on the market and that is going to consume pretty much every ounce of my being.  The place is a wreck.  As soon as the condo is presentable, I will take LO to Sacramento to preserve the clean element. Then we will need a place to live and move.  Talk about glamorous--I can't wait!  We also have a storage unit that needs to be tackled.   I would love to find a house to buy but we may rent for awhile and that is cool with me. 

Other than the whole stressful MOVING problem, I am going to keep plans simple for LO and me. These are some of my IDEAS. I am planning on postponing any real preschool for another year so a few of these are "educational."

Buy an old typewriter for LO, she likes pounding away on keyboards why not show her a little cause and effect and letters.  Let me know if you have one and your kids enjoy it.

Spanish immersion classes for LO and me.  She was really doing well with the nanny and I think that we would both benefit.

Toddler ball in the Fall at the YMCA.  OH YES.

Child Trade on cleaning days.  I have propositioned Jen to take LO on the days that Maria visits and I will take her child on days that her cleaning lady visits.  A break from kids and a clean house. 

Dance classes.  We are going to try ballet a few more times and then go for Jazz or Snazzy hands class.  More music and more movement.  When you have the funk like LO, you can't be contained.  Sorry, Anna Pavlova.

Art.  I would like to do a big project with LO like paint some furniture or a mural.  This is the kind of project that will make DH crazy.  Some whack ass paint job on something.  Sounds awesome to me.  I may start smaller and work on a photo album project that I have been meaning to do for a bit.   She loves looking at pics of her friends so I am going to make a book with her. 

I also want to research all of the kid days and activities at the local museums. 

Anything that I am missing?  I intentionally left off the LA zoo as that place needs to NOT be on the side of a mountain before I visit again.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Before I left for the big MILfest I was feeling a bit low and had that, what will become of us, vibe.  Lots of cool, great stuff was happening but I felt too blech to write about them.  Stress mixed with drowsiness mixed with job issues.  So a few things:

LO and I took DH to see Madagascar 3 for Father's Day as those are his fav movies.  It was also LO's first movie.  I was at a loss of how to explain what we were going to do.  Eat popcorn, sit in a chair and   watch a movie.  What is a movie? Then there were so many inappropriate commercials before the movie started.  Eat crap, buy plastic crap and say stupid stuff to your parents??!! What is all that?  Overall, she did pretty well considering I have never seen her sit down and watch something longer than 15 minutes unless she was ill.

We also tried out a few ballet classes.  The classes are awesome as they are drop in classes and you only pay if you go.  LO loves to dance so I thought it would be a big hit but she is more FAME and they are more stand on the blue line.  I took LO with my mommy group friends on a Saturday and it was pretty tame and fun.  DH and I went on the Tuesday before we left and HOLY GUACAMOLE the group was everything I FEAR about staying home.   Old women trying to look young exposing too many weird looking body parts and weaves.  So the two outfits, leggings and ballet shoes may have been for nothing as I have no desire to hang with those freak-a-leaks and LO needs some more galloping.  This vid has all the normalish peeps in it.

I have been on an English aristocracy book reading kick lately.  I attribute the passion due to my longing for Downton Abbey.  Is it time to fly to England yet for the season?

Snobs, oh my.  Great light summer read from the creator of DOWNTON ABBEY!

The American Heiress highlights the rich Americans plight to gain entry into "titles" by marrying their daughters off to Dukes and Princes in exchange for money to repair old castles and properties.  I liked it.

The Luxe was probably my least favorite in this niche reading segment but I kept at it.  The dress on the front was enough to keep me going.

The last book that I read was Maine which veered from my original target but was worth a read.  I was a bit confused at the end but I learned about worm poop--always helpful!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And Then I Quit My Job

Our nanny had an unfortunate accident as we were leaving for vacation proving my no exercise=happiness theory.  She was running the stairs which is the THING to do in Santa Monica and fainted.  I would rather be pecked by a thousand baby birds but peeps are into it.  SO she fell down the stairs and messed her business up with a broken leg and ankle and some other business on her other leg.  She is down for the count for a good ol' long time.  I had been rolling around in my teeny brain a part time job idea or trying to gain more flexibility or just plain quitting.  My job pressure had been ramping up while DH travels were taking him farther away for longer periods of time.

We came back from vaca and I quit.  I thought about listing out the reasons of why I was quitting but it came down to me wanting this last year at home with LO and not having the flexibility I needed to manage my family.  When I was laid off last year, my ego took a bruising even though I knew it was coming and I really wanted to broaden my resume.  I thought finance would be the way to go and I have learned A LOT but I was a teeny bit bored.  I feel like I really played it safe when I maybe could have used the time to try something else.  So I am taking a break to be with LO and figure out the next step.  I love marketing and working with most people (not the douchebags or biatches) and I hope that I am able to carve out a little marketing consulting world for myself.

I have had a lot of support and good suggestions and I know that it will take work and time but in the interim I get to spend a lot of time with this crazy kid.
I am giving this whole SAHM thang a try and hope that we don't end up destitute or the subject of a made for TV movie.  While I am finishing up work, this awesome and kind lady is watching LO and teaching her about nature and stuff.  I feel really lucky that my Mommy & Me group has stuck together.  They consistently teach me ways to be a better mom AND where to sign up for awesome stuff like ballet.
P.S. The little stinker is potty training herself despite my efforts to encourage diapers until 3.  In my opinion, we should bring back the diaper for everyone.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cape Cod

Cape Cod was so quaint and pretty and soooo many WASPy type characters running around.  It was like Lilly Pulitzer threw up all over the place.  We adapted quickly and tried to blend in with the locals. When that failed, we headed to Provincetown to hang with the bears who took an instant liking to DH. Rawr.
 We also had some poor college girl take us up a hill cuz our lazy asses were too hot.
We climbed this monument for some great views of the area while LO tried to persuade a small rabbit to play with her.

We spent some time at the beach and some quality pool time while adding to our inflatable plastic object collection.

We took time out from all of the quality water time to hit up the Zooquarium which looked janky from the outside but proved to be a big hit.

There was probably more together time than LO would have liked.

 Stop taking pictures and leave me to drawing on the carpet.

My MIL and husband joined us on Cape Cod no comment, no comment, no comment.  Here I am trying to ignore LO showing off her "gina" to her.  She also told my MIL to get out of the house.  Hmmmmmmm, perplexing on where she would hear that. 
On the way to the airport we stopped to see Plymouth Rock.  Annnnndddd there it is.  
LO proved to be truly hilarious most of the trip which was great as that iPad let me down BIG time.  Observe the distraction that lasted 15 minutes over the ENTIRE plane trip.
I am sure that I left a few things out like LO and DH riding a tractor.
Or LO's Nicki Minaj/Madonna impression

Or that we actually took a somewhat decent family picture

We say this all the time but we may actually go back to Cape Cod again.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New York

Bam, I'm back from vaca and let me tell you it was a time and a half.  We went to New York for my SIL's wedding.  It was hot.  I may have told everyone that would listen that it was "Africa hot," but no one seemed to believe me.  I came up with the genius idea to buy LO an inflatable pool and that provided hours of entertainment.

It was a fantastic idea until it came time for the party the night before the wedding and I looked over and she was "just washing her hands," while laying in the pool.
The wedding was it in a blazing hot beautiful area.  LO decided to go for a closer look during the ceremony and stood near DH's sister quietly UNTIL she started taking off her dress.  Fun times.
She was pretty forlorn at the reception and sat by herself in the middle of the walkway eating and gazing into the distance.
Until she met a four year old and they were like, "Let's be BFFs FOREVER."

They danced the entire night while the other 100 people looked on and NEVER danced.  I tried to get out there and LO gave me the "off the dance floor old lady," look/gesture.
It was almost a scene out of Footloose as the little girl told me that she was concerned about LO's crazy dancing and didn't want anyone to get hurt.

DH also attempted a dance but she wasn't having it.  I like that LO and his sister both do the pretend run when they dance.

The next day we escaped the heat to fly to Cape Cod.  I will torture you with that part tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Checking in from vaca. We are in Cape Cod and I am loving the area. We rented a house and it is so cute. Today we were in Provincetown for lunch and exploring. It also happened to be Bear Week which made it extra awesome when DH was referred to as a little cub. LO has started "dancing like donna" (Madonna) and yelling out the words to " Give me all your loving," pretty much non-stop. The Cape has fulfilled all of my Kennedy-esque dreams. Although, DH did ask me to stop referring to Hyannis as hi-anus. Prior to Cape Cod we were in New York for my SIL's wedding where LO danced for hours to the point of one little girl asking her to be careful with "her crazy dancing." When asked her age by another little kid LO told her, "two almost three." What?! Not even close lady. I'm loving all of the time with LO as she has been killing me with her personality. The whole not working has been pretty great too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Interpretive Ballet

I really think that she has a future in interpretive ballet.