Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I like to do a post every once in a great moon about what I am currently contemplating and hope that you can assist me:

We are going to New York and Cape Cod in a few weeks and I am trying to figure out where LO will sleep.  We have the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib, is it weird to put a 26lb, 34" toddler in a travel crib?  Girlfriend is still all over the place and I am not transitioning her out of the crib for another twenty years so what do I do for sleep as we are renting a house?

I still have LO's soft mobile above the bed which she can easily yank on and scream wildly which happened last night.  Do I need to take it down if it is all soft?

I made jam and I am trying to find the perfect sugar combination.  How many cups of sugar do you add to your recipe?  Do you add pectin?

LO has been taking off her diaper if it is full before she goes to sleep when she is in her bed.  She takes off her pj bottoms and puts everything outside her crib.  She doesn't pee in her bed, just goes commando.  I go in before I go to bed and put another one on her but this am, she had taken her diaper off again when she woke up.  Still no accidents but what does one do about this situation?

LO has two pink dry, scaly patches of skin, one on her leg and one on her chest? Is this eczema? What do you put on them?

Have you read the book, We Need to Talk about Kevin? Do you know anyone who feels that their child is the devil or do you feel that way? I won't judge you.  I watched the movie as the book disturbed me so and damn that is just crazy times.

There is some unbloggable schtuff going down right now and it is leaving me on edge but DH comes home tonight and hopefully he can sit still long enough for a convo.  He has been traveling a lot leaving me a bit lonely.